Friday, December 31, 2010

4:00 A.M.

So last night was a late night for Woody and I. We watched the replay of the JAzz game that started at 11:00 and went until 1:30. Then we went to bed but Wood turned on a movie and somehow I managed to stay awake through the whole thing.

Afterwards neither of us could sleep and everything was hysterical. I'm pretty sure I laughed for a half an hour. There were a lot of great moments, but this one was the best.

Woody: (quietly and in a little kid voice) "pizza ............ my little pony ........... polly pocket.."

Amy: Wood, what are you saying

Woody: All the things I'm thankful for

HAhaha he tried to say that what he meant was all the things I'm (me, Amy) am thankful for

O man we are pretty fun late at night

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas TIme

Sadly, Wood and I have no pictures from our Christmas time to show. (which means a boring post). We spent Christmas with Woody's side of the family and had a blast with his family, having some dance parties and musical chairs (wood was champ twice!!) Unfortunately I was sick Christmas Eve and day and spent most of it on the couch. But we had fun.

For Christmas Kelly gave us a beautiful picture of the temple, and for our Anniversary mom and dad gave us some wedding pictures! So today we decided to do some hanging up!!

These ones are above our bed. They look better in person but o well :)

This is our new Temple picture. Which I love! O my Vegas Temple. Nothing better than that.

These are above our couch. It took us a while to figure it out. But I think it turned out very nice.

So thanks to Mommy and daddy and Kelly for our beautiful new pictures I love them!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Card

I'm going to be doing a digital christmas card this year. If you would like one please leave your email!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent Conversations

Conversation #1
Happened when I was looking at the requirements for a final paper. The paper had to be 3-4 pages single spaced. That darn single spaced, I thought everyone had switched to double spacing?!

Amy: Why do teachers sign such lengthy papers? They have two choices: a really good short paper, or a longer paper full of crap.

Woody: Amy all of your papers are made up

Amy: o ya, you're right

Conversation #2
Happened while watching the Jazz game.

We just saw a African American announcer wearing an interesting color green suit

Amy: Wow that is not an attractive color suit

Woody: ya your right, that is a funny color

Amy: but he can pull it off because he's black.. if that was on a white person he'd look ugly. But this guy looks ok

Woody: ya I guess

*looking at D-will's new basketball shoes, very colorful and bright

Amy: you know what, that's another thing only black people can pull off, colorful basketball shoes. They look good on D-Will but if a white person had them on I'd just laugh

Woody: I think you're racists...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sick Day

So I had a sick day today I woke up with some cold/flu something. I took niquil last night and was SO disappointed that it did not knock me out and I woke up throughout the night. Then sadly, my Woody left me in the morning to go to school. But when he was done with his classes he came home to be with me!! (Instead of staying at school to do HW) So really I just wanted to post about how much I love him and that his presence makes everything better. He stopped and picked me up some medicine and some drinks with lots of vitamin C so I could get better. It truly is the small little things that matter the most!! He is my sunshine when my skies are grey :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anniversary Weekend!!

Woody and I celebrated our One year anniversary this weekend YA! I can hardly believe that it has already been a year, time certainly flies by!!! To celebrate we spend two nights up in SLC and had a blast. My photos are not in the right order due to blogger being silly, so I apologize for that.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner. We had been walking everywhere all weekend long cuz of the lack of parking availability in SLC so Saturday was no different. Unfortunately when we were almost half way there it started to pour on us and we had no Umbrella!! So we ran pack to the hotel and grabbed our car to drive to dinner. HAha we were glad we did because by the time we headed home it was snowing and FREEZING.
Saturday morning we went to the SLC temple. This was the most beautiful temple I have ever seen, I absolutely loved it and I could feel the spirit so strong! Sadly, the rain/snow did not allow us to take a picture in front of the temple.. o well that happens.

We accidentally forgot to bring in our church shoes! So we had to go down into the parking garage to get them. I think we looked pretty good with our tennis on ya??

This is us after the Jazz Game, sadly we lost so we were a little sad but really it was a BLAST and we stinking loved going!
This is us at Carl's Jr. it was right by our hotel so easy to walk to :)

Funny story about the Jazz Game: as we were walking out of the hotel Wood asked me to check to make sure I had the tickets and I said, "Wood, I checked in the car I got them!!" (so i did not check then). So we walk and walk and walk down to the Energy Solutions Arena, and as we are getting ready to go in I start looking in my purse for the tickets and...... NO TICKETS haha. So we walked all the way back to our hotel and Woody found them in the car. After I had checked on them I had taken something out of my purse and they came out with it!! haha so the entire weekend wood would ask if I had something and if I would say yes, he'd say "are you sure??"
So I learned my lesson. It is ALWAYS good to double check!!

We had a blast on our weekend and I loved having a get a way with Woody especially because we have both been super stressed. I am so grateful for Woody for his patience and his love. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for and he is SO GOOD to me, I can't get enough of him :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funny Kids

On Tuesday I went on a field trip with my students to BYU. It was fun but pretty chaotic and I was SO nervous that I was going to lose one of the kids in my groups because they did not like to stay by me and also other groups kept cutting us off! MEAN
But my kids were pretty funny, I'll tell you some things:

They asked me these questions numerous times:
Is this your school?
You go here?
Have you ever been in this building/room?
Do you know him/her?
When I kept saying no that I did not know people they would say: Do you know ANYBODY here? Haha I guess I am a loser!

While in the planetarium, the kids were pretty funny about the star shapes. Whenever the presenter pointed out a shape in the stars they kids would say "oh, I knew that I knew that's where it was" haha of course they knew! Right?

On the bus ride I was used in rock, paper, scissors. Like instead of using rock, paper or scissors they said Mrs. Palmer. And good news I won!! Because I had super powers :)

This did not happen on the field trip or even in my class but my friend Jen in her class had a little girl tell her that she knew how to get a baby. So Jen said really? and the little girl said ya, you get a stick and pee on it and if it is a + then you'll have a baby but if it's a - then it didn't work and you have to get a new one.

haha kids are super funny :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Woody and I are pictorially disabled....

That means that we have to try like 6 times before we get a good picture

First Try

Second Try
Third Try

First Try (New pose)

Second try
Third try
OO THat's what I wanted him to do!! And yet he wouldn't even kiss me behind the hat, so our faces are WAY too far about....

My family came to Utah for Halloween and it was tons of fun to have them here!! On Saturday I went shopping for material for Stockings for Christmas YA!! Then we went trick or treating at the mall, but were too late and there was no candy left so we went home and the babies went trick or treating. On Sunday we made cookies and candy apples DELICIOUS and hung out. I am so grateful for my family and how cool we are that all of us dressed up. They are the best!! And I love HAlloween!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Woody is not one of my students?

In order to prepare myself for teaching I read a book called "love and logic" and it's about management and all this good stuff. The main idea in the book is giving choices. That people don't like being told what to do so all you have to do is give them choices and then instead of complaining they'll pick out of their options. I've heard this elsewhere and my teacher LOVEs it and is always talking about how wonderful it is and how it works on roommates, students, friends and even SPOUSES. I've tried it within the class that I"m in and have found it actually works really good... so i decided to implement it elsewhere

So i had the opportunity tonight while wood was watching a basketball game and I wanted to read my scriptures so I asked if now (during half time) i could mute the tv and read my scriptures and he said no it's his favorite part. So I said "ok can i mute it during the game?" Woody said, of course, NO! So i responded with (thinking i'm so smart) babe would you rather I mute it now or during the game? How do you think he replied......

NEVER! I was here first! So no muting! And then he took the pinchers he had in his hand (he's cooking in the kitchen) and pinched them and said, "i'm squishing your head! squish squish"

Well. so much for a democratic marriage. And I'm telling my teacher that woody does not buy the whole option gig. Major Bummer

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aspen Grove

During the Summer of 2008 I went to Aspen Grove. This part of my life was known to many as Prison :). It was TONS of fun except for
1. we lived on the mountain
When we first got there it was FREEZING
2. the food was disgusting
Thursdays was meat loaf day and by July we left every Thursday to eat in Provo
3. the dorms were disgusting
4. cleanings on Fridays
Large families staying in one cabin during vacation = big NASTY mess
5. being used as slaves
Like picking up rocks from trails and sweeping the parking lot
6. Having nothing to do every night
To compensate for the lack of activities available to us we: did pilates, watched lots of movies in the DH, read Twilight, drive down to Provo to get slurpees or eat lots of candy, but Tuesday nights were fun with pioneer night and free vanilla snow cones YUM

What made it fun was these girls:

These girls are the loves of my life (besides Woody, Jack Sparrow and Harry Potter - which by the way I'm not in love with HP himself, just the books- of course)
From left - right, it's Kim, Paige, Sara, Canda, Me, Natalie.
Canda, Paige, Natalie and me were all in the 0-2 year olds and Kim and Sara were in older groups. I am so grateful for these girls and the impact they have had on my life. I could not have survived the summer without these girls and we had a lot of good times!! And a lot of crazy children :) So even though I would NEVER do it again, I absolutely loved it

Anyways I just was thinking about it and thought I would share :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Week of TeaCHInG

I am currently in my cohort during school. What this means is that the first half of the semester I went to classes Tuesday - Friday. I had all my classes with the same group of girls (love them) and in the same classroom, lovely. NOW we have moved forward (hooray) and I am at a school for Monday - Wednesday and I am loving it!!

I got assigned to teach third grade which I was a little nervous about because I have been imagining teaching Kindergartners!! Talk about a big jump. Yes, they are older and bigger and definitely a different kind of cute, but still cute!!!

My first two days I mostly just observed and would walk around the classroom helping the students out individually. I am really grateful to be in the classroom and think it is worthwhile even if this is all that I ever did. Kids benefit so much from the one-on-one scaffolding and a teacher cannot make it around to all of them. I definitely feel more prepared to be in a classroom and remember things that I have been taught and apply them which is SUPER

I taught my first lesson today. It went pretty good and I'm not sure if that is because I did a good job or because my teacher threatened them that if they misbehaved they would miss their recess. Sadly, a couple of boys still had to miss their recess, poor kids.

I love all of the students and really love seeing all their different personalities and how all of them are unique. I'll tell you about a few, but I won't use their names, just their initials, cuz that's probably illegal or something to use their names (now a days it's all illegal!!)

S- this boy is a Polynesian and this is exactly what I imagine as what Heather and Jordan's son would be like.
-He wears board shorts and then a t-shirt usually from GAP. And he does the whole long sleeve under short sleeve. cool, but not skater cool
- And then there are these twisties that EVERYONE has and he wears so many of them that they go up to the middle of his forearm.
- He befriended the new kid
- Basically he the epitome of cool, chill you know
- He goofs around but he's not a trouble maker and not a bad kid, I'm willing to bet Jordan acted like him in school

B- he is the new kid
- shy but smart
- looks tuff with his baggy sweater and his earrings :) but he is SUPER sweet

v- This little girl looks exactly like Dakota Fanning and she has a quirky personality which for some reason I tag along with Dakota Fanning also

P- This little girl looks like she's twelve and kind of acts like it too

J- This is my smallest boy and he's soo cute he always comes and tells me stories and has a little bit of a lisp I just love him.

Z&K- These two little boys are very smart and quiet. They are always so well behaved and just perfect little citizens I love it. Z gets vegetables with his lunch and this is how he ate them today: he drank his green beans in his chocolate milk, ate his cucumber on top of his cookie and then put like his carrots and stuff on top of his pizza. I'm thinking his mom makes him get the vegetables and he tries to disguise their taste by eating them with the other food... smart kid!

OK I suppose I'll stop I'm betting anyone who started to read this stopped a long time ago except for my mom cuz she loves me and Shani cuz she's a teacher, but I'm willing to bet not even Heather will make it to the end :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ultimate WISH LIST

1. Robert Munsch BOoks!!!!
I need these for multiple reasons
1. They are stinking funny
2. I need them for when I am a teacher
3. I definitely need them for when I am a mommy
4. I love them :)
2. Cardigans
Cuz I have none and apparently you have to have them if you are a teacher it's like a "must have" and they are real cute
3. Inheritance Cycle
This is the series that includes Eragon. The series is pretty similar to Lord of The Rings, but better, except for movie form. LOTR movies are good and Eragon movie stinks
I read these books over the summer and I really really like them and would love to own them
4. All of the Harry Potter Books
Wait.. how did this get so low on the list???? It should probably be put at number one.
5. Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books
These books are about how people go back into the time period of the Book of Mormon and also the Bible.
I love these books and I especially want them for my kids because they make the scriptures come alive and seem so much more real.
6.High Heels
Because I would love to have a different pair of high heels for every outfit.. that'd be beautiful

Now of course there is a million bajillion other items on my wishlist.... but I thought since Christmas is coming near I'd just send this out to the Internet abyss and see if people send me packages.. worth a try right???

oh... and a new bathing suit cuz I didn't get one this year :)
and maybe a cruise
and a trip to Disneyland..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Memories

I just am sitting here eating my dinner, I just got off the phone with Heidi and was pondering about how amazing my family is and how much I just love them. I honestly have been singing in my head our family song,:

and a b r
spells albright
never been a shame connected to my name,
albright that's me!!

(I'm pretty sure when Rachel was little Grandpa Albright asked if she knew how to spell Albright and she said "a, l, n, a, b, r, i, g, h, t... oo cute!!)

And I was thinking how grateful I was for amazing parents and spectacular siblings and how I love how close we all are. and then I had to chuckle as I remembered our earlier days:

Heather has been the cause of my spraining practically all of my fingers
Heidi used to cry just because she knew we'd get in trouble for it
When I got sick in fourth grade (like sick everyday sick) Heather and Shani used to tell me all the time that I was a faker, and then they found out a billion things wrong with me.. I hope they felt bad
Adam's the only one who has always been nice to me.. Thanks ADam :)

But we all love each other now and I am so grateful for the bond that I have my with my family, and that we are friends!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


The other night I helped woody write a paper for his English class. He had written the paper the night before and had fallen asleep while writing it and wanted me to go through and fix some things, make sure it made sense and he wrote real words.. you know the usual.

Well first off Woody does not ask me to edit his papers very often because he says that I "write like Shakespeare" (for reals, that's a direct quote). Now really, I am not quite that eloquent, but I can say that I don't believe I have gotten anything less than A on a paper here at BYU.... but enough boasting.

I started out pretty good and even got a little ahead of myself and read the article he was reviewing to make sure I got the whole picture. Unfortunately it got pretty late and I got a little bit crazy.... My addition to the paper ended when I insisted that woody say something along the lines of

"The author lulled the reader into a sense of security allowing them to feel comfortably engaged. And then she POUNCED'.

I am not sure but either the word "lull" or "pounced" made Wood feel a little uneasy about the sentence. I'm guessing pounced since he ended up using the word "lull".

We ended up having a great time and laughing about different variations of pounce, then wood took the computer away from me, tucked me into bed and finished his paper... a typical school night at the Palmer House.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Thus Far

School has been going surprisingly well, extremely stressful but well :) What's great about this semester is that every class I am taking and everything that I learn in my class is applicable to what I will be doing! It is a wonderful feeling. Sadly: this is my first math class in my whole entire life that I do not love. My teacher is soft spoken and I feel like I have not learned anything... but hopefully we'll start learning soon. The best thing about this year is I finally do not feel like the minority. ECE is a smaller major than Elementary Education so when we took classes with them it was normal for the El Ed girls to out number us ECE ladies. But now it is all ECE and I love it because the teacher define us as being different and recognize us for that. It is nice to know that I can make a difference and I hope I will!

Me and Wood don't get to see each other very often. Mainly mornings and nights but it's make our time together special. And I especially enjoy our mornings together when I can sometimes make him breakfast and send him off to school with a smooch.. the simple joys of life

Wood and I looked at PA schools last night. He said maybe Alabama and I said.. uh? Where's that? HAHAHA He also suggested Maine. But I personally am leaning towards Nevada or Arizona. We also looked up Master programs for me. I am probably getting ahead of myself but I would LOVE to get a masters :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The absolute worst thing about starting school: It is 9:00 p.m. and I still have yet to see my Woody. I miss his handsome face

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

Today I had my last first day of school at BYU. I feel it went pretty well so I'll share it with you!

1. This semester will be unique in many ways
a. all of my classes are with the same people (girls have taken classes with for years now so I know all of them and love it!!)
b. all of my classes are in the same room, except for one.
c. Half way through the semester I will be in the schools mon-wed and then going to class Th and Fri

My first class was kind of stressful. We talked about the cohort experience and our application that is due in 2 weeks (oops I was supposed to do that over the summer) and the Praxis exam (o double shoot I was also supposed to do that over the summer).
My second class, social studies, was fun. My teacher is a doll and we had a blast learning about how obese America is and how little food Asia and Africa has.
Then my Science class was interesting.. my teacher has an odd sense of humor. We all went around the room and said what animal we would want to be and she said that 2 girls had unknowingly told us of their desire to have a sex change (apparently they picked a male animal) and then called one girl lazy (she wanted to be a cat) then when we were playing twenty questions she said that we were Satan if we asked questions that weren't yes or no.. or if we said more than yes or no... this class will be interesting.

3. Upon returning to BYU it is expected to see people you know. Yesterday I saw Heather's neighbor Justin as I was walking across the street. I saw a boy in line at the bookstore who used to work at BYUB (I actually saw like 3 people who work there but people usually don't recognize me outside of the office). I also saw a boy from my freshman ward, that was fun! And a girl that went to Aspen Grove to me. And of course all the random people you see and you think "hm.. you look familiar, probably had a class with them at some point!"

So I look forward to a stressful yet fun and exciting last Fall semester at BYU!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Woody and I have seen countless blessings since we have been married and many of which have surrounded money.
1. Last fall when I moved back I was looking for a new job to start. I applied for a secretarial job at BYUB and once I was hired my supervisor told me that she already gave the job to three other girls who turned it down (because they got a different job). This job was preserved for me by the Lord as I was able to do to my homework while at work so that after school I could focus on wedding plans. It also has paid very well and I have LOVED this job (even though I sometimes complain)
2. When Woody broke his leg we had ZERO health insurance for him. His expenses after a surgery, three day hospital stay, ambulance ride were pretty high. We were blessed by the Lord then to get financial aid through the hospital and the surgeon's office that reduced our bill to a payable amount.
3. We were both able to receive grants that cover all of our tuition and books expenses
4. I have recently been looking for a new job as my school schedule does not comply with my receptionist job at BYUB. I have applied at numerous places but to no avail. i was planning on Friday being my last day at BYUB my supervisor asked me to come in Monday since she wasn't ready for me to leave. On Monday (today) after I finished my shift I got another job at BYUB!!!! A girl that I know sort of made up a position for me to have and I will be able to make my own schedule and will get paid a whole lot more than I could have imagined (seeing as how I was applying mostly for waitress positions who get paid like 2.30 an hour!!)

I know that Heavenly Father is watching over Woody and I and has taken good care of us since we have been married. Although this trials may not seem that bad on here, but going through all of them has been tough and I am grateful for the Lord that has helped us come out on top at the end.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bye bye summer

It has come to the saddest point of the year: the End of Summer

I believe that everyone agrees (except my mom who thinks the saddest day of the year is when she has to take down all her Christmas decorations.. I'd say that is a close second in my book)

I sigh as I think about all my warm summer days disappearing. It is just plain sad how cold it gets up here (unless you talk to heather who has no AC). It's pretty cold in the mornings and evenings right now and warm enough during the day to be comfortable in pants. sigh.. if only it'd stay warmer a little bit longer, then i'd be very pleased.

My favorite day of this summer, was a simple one yet wonderful :) I had worked in the morning and when I came home wood and I went on a bun... he rides his bike while I run. Afterwards we got in the pool for a cool off and he taught me the proper way to shoot a basketball... apparently I have no technique at all... or is my lack of technique my technique?? Following basketball we grabbed some lunch at McDonalds (ya.. we really aren't healthy) and then just hung out at home

Good news: Fall is on it's way. I love how the colors change and all of my favorite holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the premier of HARRY POTTER .. decorations are a must for ALL events :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

HarRY PoTteR

When Woody and I first got married we moved into his grandparent's basement apartment up in Alpine. This meant that everyday we had at least 45 minutes to drive to Provo and then another 45 minutes to drive back home. As such we started the habit of listening to books on tape. During this time we listened to the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books and also... Harry Potter. It has been a few months now and I am again re-reading Harry Potter. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!! I think that I am partially (completely) obsessed. I started with the third book and I am now on the fifth. Don't worry I will finish them all before school begins therefore I won't have them as distractions. I also love watching the movies and it drives woody bonkers how often I suggest we watch them.. But just so you know I am SO EXCITED for the seventh movieS to come out.. I'm going to the midnight showing.... maybe, I want to but we'll see.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


dear readers,
this blog seems to be broken as it does not show when we update and as such have less readers... BUMMER so i decided to make a new one. You can find it at: just switch the order of our names! happy blog reading!!!

New Blog!!

Welcome to Woody and my new blog! Our old blog broke :( it no longer showed when we updated so I felt like we were getting less love... SO SAD! Any who enjoy my ramblings on the new blog

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today has been.. interesting. I woke up first thinking..." what day is it?" (usual question) "O it's Friday....why is my alarm going off?.... What time is it?... Am I supposed to go to work?"..... and then I caught on, "O, wait, it's only Tuesday. And yes time to get up to go to work"
Major Bummer to both realizations

So I get up and I still have nasty breath from the late dinner last night which consisted of some onions... YUCK (don't worry I DID brush my teeth last night). Get ready for work - gurggle some serious mouth wash and head out.
At work: I currently sound like a frog cuz my throat is feeling funny, I've got like head cold feeling in my head and it's pretty chilly in the office.. so I put a blanket over the AC unit, that helped.

The assignment at work today: answer phone calls of old ladys with great ideas for us to film in Washington, page people over the intercom (not my favorite), be surrounded by boxes and boxes, and put stickers on candy bars.. normally one would think then that my desk would smell of delicious chocolate (o that sounds heavenly) but no.. the stickers smell like, uh vinegar?? maybe either way they stink, my hands stink, my desk stinks....

So cheers to a Tuesday that's worse than a Monday, talk about Tuesday blues

Monday, August 2, 2010

Born to be a King/Queen

My good friend Alex Bourne is currently serving a mission in Honduras and in his weekly e-mail he mentioned an article from the Liahona that I would like to share with you. The article is by Bishop Vaughn J Featherstone from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. the first story of the article is this:

Many years ago I heard the story of the son of King Louis XVI of France. King Louis had been taken from his throne and imprisoned. His young son, the prince, was taken by those who dethroned the king. They thought that inasmuch as the king’s son was heir to the throne, if they could destroy him morally, he would never realize the great and grand destiny that life had bestowed upon him.

They took him to a community far away, and there they exposed the lad to every filthy and vile thing that life could offer. They exposed him to foods the richness of which would quickly make him a slave to appetite. They used vile language around him constantly. They exposed him to lewd and lusting women. They exposed him to dishonor and distrust. He was surrounded 24 hours a day by everything that could drag the soul of a man as low as one could slip. For over six months he had this treatment—but not once did the young lad buckle under pressure. Finally, after intensive temptation, they questioned him. Why had he not submitted himself to these things—why had he not partaken? These things would provide pleasure, satisfy his lusts, and were desirable; they were all his. The boy said, “I cannot do what you ask for I was born to be a king.”

I really love this story because all of us are princes and princesses of a King, our Heavenly King. All of us are also constantly introduced to and surrounded with the vile things of the world. But like this prince we too can resist for we are all born to be Kings and Queens. So to all: lift your head up and reply to the world, "I cannot do what you ask for I was bron to be a king!!!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach Trip

like many other times.. wood and i are great at taking the romantic pictures

out at dinner at the Cheescake for Woody and Shani's birthdays

Wood and I had a blast playing with the babies

us at the orange county fair

The always growing Albright Family

our last night on the beach

The water was so cold I would not go in without a wet suit!!

Woody and I had the amazing opportunity of going on the annual Albright vacation - a week at the beach!! Unfortunately this year it was a bit chillier than us but we still had an absolute blast. We spent a day going to Hunnington Beach to look at the shops, we went to the wedge, to the orange county fair and then spent some time lounging on the beach!!!
When out in the water woody was never ok with staying towards the shallow with the little waves he always had to go out and catch the big ones.. sadly they tossed him quite a few times. but we still had an absolute BLAST and are counting down until next years!!! Thanks to momma and poppa Albright for the vaca!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Being an Auntie..

This summer I have been lucky to spend some quality time with my cute little niece and nephew. Heather and Jordan's babysitter is kind of a wiener so lately Kherrington has been coming over to our house 2-3 times a week for us to babysit her, and she is just the cutest little girl!! Woody babysat her all the time at first since I was doing work and school but now I have been able to do a couple of days myself. It's a good thing to because she started to favor Woody but now she loves me more! :) I love it when Kherrington comes over especially when Woody is at work because then I have somone to play with and she is so dang cute and fun!

Baby Brighton took a little more convincing for him to love us. When Brighton was first born I spent a lot of time helping Shani out with him and me and him bonded.. but then life got busy and we lost our bond :( However, Woody and I just spent the night at Shani and chris' while they went out for their anniversary. They left while Brighton was asleep so when he woke up me, Heather and Kherrington went to get him. When Brighton first saw me he looked like he was about to cry but then he saw his first love, Kherrington and everything was GREAT! I'm pretty sure that sealed the deal with baby B because he loved me from then on!! This morning when I went to get him from his crib I was greeted but the cutest smile! and he even slept the whole night through and did not wake up until 7:30.

I absolutely love spending time with these little guys and it makes me excited to some day have my own little tikes running around the house. I've always been a sucker for little kids, but what's even better is watching Woody play with them.. he's so cute :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

A year ago today

A year ago today Woody and I got engaged!!! Woody was up in Kansas City selling pest control and I was able to fly up and stay with him over the fourth of July. Unfortunately Woody still had to work so I spent my days hanging out in his apartment reading and watching movies and trying to stay busy to not be too bored. But then we got to hang out at night. On Sunday we toured some church history sites and ended up at Adam-Ondi-Ahman where Woody popped the question!! The jewler was supposed to send the ring up but they forgot, luckily Woody's friend's mom was coming up also and brought the ring with her. I was so excited to finally be officially engaged and spent the rest of the summer planning our wedding!!!

A year later Woody and I are considerably less tan at this date but hope to improve this later on in the summer! But we are happily married and love spending all of our time with each other. I could not have asked for a more loving and patient husband who spends all day in bed with me while I moan and groan about being sick instead of at a pool party with his family.. He's the best!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Easy Choice with such evidence

So I'm bored at work and I decided I needed to officially share this with everyone, the ultimate deciding factor as to why my parents said that I could marry Woody....

In case you couldn't tell, Woody is the main man

World Cup

I will probably die a terrible death for posting this but it was pretty funny that there was an article about it....

10 things to do while your spouse obsesses over the world cup

Survival Tip #1: Hit the gym. Your spouse has been watching sweaty dudes clobber each other for a ball all day — so what better way to get his or her attention than to come home looking the perfect mix of hot and gritty?

Survival Tip #2: Stack up on your summer reads. Spend an afternoon in the park getting lost in a book (... or two!). Suggested reading: Bend It Like Beckham (just kidding!).

Survival Tip #3: Dust off those cookbooks. You know what's silly and fun at the same time? Cooking meals that correspond to the games (like pasta when Italy's playing or curry when India takes the field).

Survival Tip #4: Wash your car. It'll give you an excuse to get out of the house — and away from the sound of your spouse yelling "Bad call!" at the TV. Besides, a little sunshine will do you some good. And your windows are dirty.

Survival Tip #5: Shop. If there was ever a time to snag a few "extra" items at the store, it's now. What else are you going to do?

Survival Tip #6:Make the basement (or spare room) into your own personal lair. Stake your claim on the coveted space and turn into your own personal home office. (You snooze, you lose, World Cup Maniac!)

Survival Tip #7:Sign up for classes in something that interests you. By the time your spouse is done watching the World Cup, you could be an expert salsa dancer/pottery painter/French speaker/Frisbee thrower ... (okay, you get the idea).

Survival Tip #8: Revamp your MP3 playlist. Finally, you can shop for songs you like without your spouse standing over your shoulder asking, "Really? You're paying to hear Lady Gaga?"

Survival Tip #9: Make travel plans. What could be more in the spirit of the World Cup than planning a trip to a country you've always wanted to visit? Just, you know, be sure to invite your spouse.

Survival Tip #10: Start scheduling your post-World Cup TV schedule — and DVR-ing all of your favorite shows. Remember, what goes around comes around!

In all fairness it's not the bad - most games are on in the morning and truth be told I get sucked into everything. So although I am not a fanatic like my husband (who woke up at 5:30 to watch a game) I will watch them with him sometimes and today I did check to see if USA won the match. So my dear Woody (if he reads this, he always reads the ones I could get in trouble for) I am not complaining about your world cup fascination, cheer them on baby!!! And while you do I have some plans for me :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best of the Best

My dad is truly the best of the best and I am one lucky girl to have him as my daddy, he is pretty dang cool! I really like the above picture because of my dad doing his thing and Cade is cheering him on hard core! Shout out to my flippin awesome dad who gave me all my cool dance moves :) He truly is the best dad a girl could ever ask for. He was always playing with us as we were growing up, he went to every recital there ever was, he took us boating and jet skiis, and he would even let me drive them even though he said I had only one speed: really fast. I remember going golfing with my dad and he was always patient with me as I tried to hit the ball and would constantly remind me to be steady like a clock: tick tock tick tock He's extremely patient and is the best listener, he always listened to me and helped me figure out life's toughest questions and I am so grateful that during this we would pray, read the scriptures and have father's blessings. I am so grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder who was able to give me blessings in times of need and before school started. And most of all how fun and loving he is! Love you daddy! you're the best

My husband is not yet a father but someday he will be :) I know that he will make a great father because of how much he loves his niece and nephews. He is great with the kids and enjoys playing with them and having fun. I am grateful for his hard work now in preparing for the future he is the best husband a girl could ask for: sweet, loving, forgiving and patient love you wood

and a happy father's day to my father in law Jo. Although he lives in St. George Jo never missed anything that his kids were in. Him and Woody (as you can tell) look a whole lot like and have a lot of the same mannerisms. Jo is a hard working man who loves his family and his farm full of animals :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear John

So a little bit ago I borrowed the book Dear John from my sister-in-law, besides the fact that it was slightly boring (I guess a love story just does not cut it for me, I need some action mixed in!!) it was uper uper sad!! So when I was done I was left feeling depressed and decided I would never read the book again (I'm pretty sure I ranted to Woody how I could not believe I read a whole book about John and whats-her-name and they did not even end up together!) and when the movie came out I had no desire to see it. However, every one said that it was better than the book and well "John" is super hott so I watched it last night while Woody watched basketball with a friend..... so how did it measure up to the book?? Definitely different, worse or better?? Well parts of it were worse the only thing "better" about it was that she ended up with John in the end however other things I believer were definitely more sad... anywho it's a good movie but not one I would recommend if you don't feel like perhaps having a few tears escape

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you fo reals?

I'm confused... I know that there are numbers that you call where you have to talk to a machine, but usually it's that you listen for your number and then the machine directs you to a real person right?? BUT does everyone remember this thing, it's a machine but it's called VOICEMAIL!! Wow what a concept a machine that answers when a real person is not there to pick up!

Here's what I'm confused about: why is it... that when people call and I send them up to lets say membership and then they call me back all mad and frustrated saying that they would like to talk to a person not a machine. Really? Did you not listen to the machine? Cuz you must have missed the part where it said they were unable to answer to please leave a message bla bla bla. Then I have to politely explain to them that real people answer that line they just all must be busy so if they leave a message (no one understands this concept either) then some one will call them back. Well, like I said, people just don't leave messages. So I get the same person call back 3-4 times because they refuse to leave a message and they keep trying to catch the person and of course it is always my fault that the people are not answering.

O the woes of being a receptionist....

Friday, June 11, 2010

hunger games

So I have decided that I have my own hunger games, and the game is that I have to accurately guess the right amount of snacks I need when I leave the house! Unfortunately I do not always guess accurately, I loose the game and I get hungry and then sick..

I am really confused why I get so sick when I am hungry. STOP I AM NOT PREGNANT . this wonderful mystery has happened most of my life, sometimes it gets worse and sometimes better. It's not like a "wow, I'm hungry" it's literally that i get hot and kind of clammy and then I just get kind of dizzy and light headed it's very close to what car sickness feels like. So I am wondering what the heck? It would be really nice to not have to bring snacks EVERYWHERE I go, and to be able to cut down the food intake possibly? I dunno but I'm just saying... Hopefully this does not get worse when I do get pregnant I'm hoping it's like the lactose intolerant thing, Wood said that there is a 30% chance it (lactose intolerance) will go away when I'm pregnant!! YIPEE So maybe my hunger sickness will get better, but sadly I fear it is more likely to get worse.

As I am sure you can guess, I am currently hungry.. feeling the hot and clammy coming on... and the bad news: I already ate my afternoon snacks at work :(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Findings

Although Woody and I have been together for over a year by a lot.. we have never spent a summer together... Woody was in Kansas City last summer selling. And so far we have found some things out.

1. I wore a shirt the other day that is orange and yellow (a summer shirt) and he asked me if I had just bought it cuz he had never seen me wear it :) Just so you know it's mega old like years...
2. I have found out that laying by the pool is NOT in Woody's vocabulary. Thank heavens our pool has a basketball hoop or else he'd never get in!
3. The other day we went swimming with Heather, Jordan and Kakes and afterwards we went out. I had gotten sunburnt so I was needing some cool clothes so I just bought on a pair of swim trunks (don't worry the long ones) and Woody could not get over the fact that I would wear my swim trunks when I was not swimming, he made fun of me the whole night!!!
4. i found out that Woody does not like slurpees... abominable

That's it so far but I'm sure we'll have many more discoveries to come, I'll keep you posted

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Goal

So I went to a jazz class last Thursday with my good friend Kim, the class kicked my butt!! Today is SAturday and I am still so stinking sore. BUT my friend Kim looked great! She had some serious nice lookin legs had a good tan going on... so I asked her if she'd been working out comes to find out she's training for a half marathon! I thought "huh, that's cool I wanna do that sometime". Then I got to thinking about it yesterday and I thought why not do it now!! School is ending in two weeks and after that I'll just have work so i'll have lots of free time, who knows when I'll have so much free time again (probably never) So I've decided I'm training for a half marathon!!! The down side is that the one Kim is doing is full and there is not another one in Utah that I could do so technically I'm not going to run in one, but I will train for it and then run one by myself! COOL!!!

The neatest thing is that Kim told me about this website where you can make a running route and it tells you how long it is and how high the elevation is, that way I know how far I am actually running. The site is LiveStrong and I thought it was pretty neat!!

This first week is my "pre-training" where I have to get to the point where I can run for thirty minutes with no problem.. wish me luck on that! Afterwards I train! Call me crazy but I am getting pretty excited. It's always nice to have something to work towards, and I am also looking forward to my nice tan and great legs that hopefully will come to pass :)

So if you see me running and I look like I am hating myself.... just yell some encouraging words, like I have nice legs :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Months

May 21 was mine and Woody's six month anniversary!! Woody's the bestest when I came home for lunch that day he had a beautiful rose and a rice krispie treat for me :) The rice krispy was because one time I brought one home and he ate it so he bought me another one and it was dipped in chocolate yum!! We shared it as our treat for lunch. Then that night we made chicken alfredo, Wood's favorite, it turned out pretty good

We had some martinelli's they were actually these mini ones that we got from Elise Kelly's bridal shower haha we saved them for a good occasion!

Afterwards we went out and bought a new vacuum and got some ice cream when we came home Woody went to work! (He's a great cleaner) and we were DISGUSTED at what our new vacuum picked up so we had to document it...... Just so you know we had already vacuumed once and our carpets just got cleaned (I guess cleaning your carpet pulls up all the dirt)

Good thing we bought the new vacuum!!! Now our carpet is clean and you can walk on it!! HOORAY!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Life has been BUSY BUSY BUSY lately. I am currently in the middle of Spring semester, which sadly I am taking 9 credits!! That may not sound like a lot but because spring is a condensed semester taking 9 credits really is like taking 18.
PLUS I'm working and usually I do my homework at work except for lately I've had to do work at work LAME!!
PLUS for one my classes I have to get 12 observation hours at an elementary school and since I've squeezed all my classes and work in so tightly I was only able to go in for about an hour every afternoon... and that was leaving work an hour early.

PHEW! The good news is: I have been working in Shani's classroom for my hours and I have really enjoyed it. Maybe it's just been fun because it's the end of the year or cuz Shani is such a cool teacher or cuz I'm a flippin balla so all the kids like me .... but I've decided that it would have been ok for me to get my elementary education license (meaning I could teach 1-6) instead of my ECE license (I can only teach preschool-3). But I just remember that the bad stories coming out of the higher grades (I think) are worse than the ones that come out of the lower grades.. so I'm good with my little ones :)

Woody has been the best. Not counting last night.. it has been well over a week since I last cooked dinner. But count into the fact that we were both sick for a couple of days and we went to Vegas for the weekend. But yesterday I decided I'd take a break from school and be a wife for the night.. by this I mean while Woody was at work I was going to clean, I did pick up the kitchen but then I noticed that Woody had already cleaned everything else! Way to go Babe!! I made us some dinner and then when he came home we went grocery shopping (it's been like 2 maybe 3 weeks...) at Walmart and picked up some pictures. This was ridiculously FUN! It was so nice to be able to just hang out with Woody for a night. we had a blast singing and dancing in the car and put up some picture frames in the house.

I am the luckiest for girl because I got the best husband!

Monday, May 10, 2010

WE MoVeD!!!!

Woody and I moved a couple of weeks ago down to P-town!! I am not gonna lie I was uper duper excited. Our apartment is tiny but o so cute and ours :) My parents came up and my sisters and their husbands all helped us move. Thanks to all of their hard work we were able to get everything in one load!! My mom and I stayed in Alpine to clean the apartment - they left us carless so Woody came and picked us up... some guy at our complex helped move us in and he was asking everyone who was moving in - he couldn't figure it out cuz neither Wood nor I were actually there hahaha..... after we got everything unloaded we went shopping :) We got us some couch covers which seriously transformed the room from old and ugly to cute :) a beautiful TV stand (because Wood's love is that TV) and a shower curtain (kind of a necessity) I'm not done hanging everything up so I will post more pictures when I am finished but I have loved decorating!! And it is heaven on earth to live in Provo. Thank you thank you to my family who helped us move we seriously could NOT have done it without you!!!

Compliments to my mother for the photos (you're right mom I am glad that you took them!)

Saying goodbye to the old apartment

HEllo!! To our new home!!

Our first meal in the apartment
Daddy and I on our pretty couch after a long hard day work
Woody sitting in the chair!
Our wall assemble... It ended up being a little bit higher than I planned and a little closer... but I'm new at this whole hanging things up and I think it turned out pretty cute
Our dining area :)