Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear John

So a little bit ago I borrowed the book Dear John from my sister-in-law, besides the fact that it was slightly boring (I guess a love story just does not cut it for me, I need some action mixed in!!) it was uper uper sad!! So when I was done I was left feeling depressed and decided I would never read the book again (I'm pretty sure I ranted to Woody how I could not believe I read a whole book about John and whats-her-name and they did not even end up together!) and when the movie came out I had no desire to see it. However, every one said that it was better than the book and well "John" is super hott so I watched it last night while Woody watched basketball with a friend..... so how did it measure up to the book?? Definitely different, worse or better?? Well parts of it were worse the only thing "better" about it was that she ended up with John in the end however other things I believer were definitely more sad... anywho it's a good movie but not one I would recommend if you don't feel like perhaps having a few tears escape

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  1. I think there are two things better than the book and you missed the biggest and most important thing. HE IS HOTT!