Friday, June 11, 2010

hunger games

So I have decided that I have my own hunger games, and the game is that I have to accurately guess the right amount of snacks I need when I leave the house! Unfortunately I do not always guess accurately, I loose the game and I get hungry and then sick..

I am really confused why I get so sick when I am hungry. STOP I AM NOT PREGNANT . this wonderful mystery has happened most of my life, sometimes it gets worse and sometimes better. It's not like a "wow, I'm hungry" it's literally that i get hot and kind of clammy and then I just get kind of dizzy and light headed it's very close to what car sickness feels like. So I am wondering what the heck? It would be really nice to not have to bring snacks EVERYWHERE I go, and to be able to cut down the food intake possibly? I dunno but I'm just saying... Hopefully this does not get worse when I do get pregnant I'm hoping it's like the lactose intolerant thing, Wood said that there is a 30% chance it (lactose intolerance) will go away when I'm pregnant!! YIPEE So maybe my hunger sickness will get better, but sadly I fear it is more likely to get worse.

As I am sure you can guess, I am currently hungry.. feeling the hot and clammy coming on... and the bad news: I already ate my afternoon snacks at work :(


  1. I got the morning sickness REALLY REALLY bad especially when i didn't eat, so I always have TONS of snacks in my purse (and my coworkers know it grrr). BUT on the good side, YES the lactose intollerance thing WENT AWAY for me!!! I still can't drink (or choose not to, maybe?) regular milk, I still drink soy milk, but I can eat all the ice cream I want, no problem--FINALLY!!!!!! And i eat yogurt everyday and cheese sticks. It's amazing!! So at least one thing to look forward to :)

  2. You are probably feeling a blood sugar low, your dad gets the same thing. Bring lots of protein snacks and try to eat more protein like for breakfast. Eggs, nuts, etc. It's hard cuz you can't eat cheese which is a good protein snack! But add more protein,it will help.

  3. I have that! I'm hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and when i don't eat i get all yucky feeling and shaky. It's the worst. I feel like i always have some kind of food in my hand. Hope you feel better!