Friday, September 30, 2011

Why I teach

I had a little boy give me a big hug today and say,

"Mrs. Palmer you're the nicest teacher ever"


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Through Kid's Eyes

1. What came first, the kids, or the marriage?

I have a picture of me and Woody on my computer and one of my students saw it today (keep in mind that we have talked about Mr. Palmer TONS in my class)
and yes, of course it was a little girl

student: oh teacher, is that your booooyfriend?

Mrs. Palmer: Husband

student: so you have a boyfriend?!!

Mrs. Palmer: no darling, husband


Mrs. Palmer: nope no kids

Student: you can't be married if you don't have any kids!!!

Mrs. Palmer: actually, you get married before you have kids

Student: oh

2. Satan is real

I had a little girl give my T.A. a VERY snotty comment the other day so I had her stay in the class so we could have a chat, and we were discussing the problem and then she takes out this:

student: (very seriously) teacher, do you know who satan is?

Mrs. Palmer: yes I do

student: Satan made me do it

3. Brown vs. White

student: teacher, can a brown person marry a white person?

4. Teacher is all knowing

Student: teacher, I just can't find it

Mrs. Palmer: can't find what?

Student: my mom said it would be in here. Where is it?

Mrs. Palmer: where is what darling?

Student: she said that it's like from the bank like a receipt?

Mrs. Palmer: I'm sorry darling, I wish I could help you, but I am not sure what you are talking about. check your desk, and backpack and cubby....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pee or Water?

So today I was eating lunch and grading papers when one of my fellow teachers brought a little boy to me...

He came in and as he came closer I could tell that his pants were wet.. hm...

Mrs. Palmer: Oh honey, what's wrong?

Little boy: Mrs. Palmer I was trying to come inside when I slipped and fell in a huge pile of water. And now it looks like I peed my pants, but really I didn't it was a pile of water.

(me thinking oh tragic he made it look like he peed his pants :(

Palmer: O that's alright. You know what, we'll just have you stand in front of the fan, and we'll get you dried off before anyone else comes back.

Boy: O good..... Yeah I was just trying to get in real fast because I had to go to the bathroom really bad and then I tripped and fell and I promise it's just water.

Palmer: ............... so, uh, do you still need to go the bathroom?

Boy: uhm... no not really

Palmer: O Ok...... Listen, I Promise that if you tell me I won't tell anyone, but I need to know, is that really water?

Boy: .... maybe not

He was so cute with his cover up story :) Don't worry he went home got cleaned up and came back with a fresh start

My students are funny here's two more:

Little Girl: " So at home I have this file...."
Pause, and looks at me really concerned,
"Do you know what a file is?"

After school today:

Little Girl: Oh Mrs. Palmer, you are just so lucky to have all this stuff!
How did you get all this stuff?

Mrs. Palmer: Oh, you know I bought it.

Little GIrl: you are just so lucky to have all these things AND you get to LIVE here

haha... although I feel like I live there I sure am glad that I don't!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Story about MRs. Palmer

One of my students wrote a story about me:

Once there was a teacher named Mrs. Palmer.
She was very nice to the students, but the students were mean to her.
So she took away all their pennies and some had to miss recess.
The end!!

hahah too funny

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We had a beach party today at school and it was SUPER DUPER fun! I loved being able to just hang out with the kids, to just have fun and not be worried about if we were learning or not :)

The kids were excited all day long, but we had a blast. Normally the students have to wear uniforms so it was fun to see them in some regular clothes today!

And then there were 25!! Aren't my kids super cute in their regular clothes?!

We had a slip and slide and it was pretty fun!!! My students made me go. They said, "If you do it, I'll do it". And I wanted them to have fun so of course I had to do the slip - n - slide so that they would :)

We also did the hookie pookie
and of course we turned ourselves around :)
It was a crazy and tiring day, but ssooo much fun. My students had me laughing the entire time! I am so lucky to be a first grade teacher and to be able to work with the kids every day!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Week of School!!

Well.. I did it! I survived my first week of school. I have had a pretty rough start this year and have only survived because my love Woody has done SO much for me.

My classroom this year was being built and was "completed" on the Saturday before school started. By completed I mean it had walls and carpets haha. I was still missing: a clock, intercom, air conditioning, sufficient lighting, I have a couple holes in the wall, my windows weren't painted on the bottom, no coat hangers, no desks...... well you get the idea. :)

So Saturday afternoon my family came up and we got the job done! We turned my space into a cute looking classroom. Well one of the things I was missing was my cabinets... so on Wednesday after school the cabinet people came and unfortunately took out my reading corner for my cabinets :(

So Friday after school Woody came up and helped rearrange my classroom again! I am still supposed to get furniture like coat hangers, desks, filing cabinet. And I have an extra bookshelf I need to get rid of, so hopefully all of these things will be fulfilled :)

Other than my lovely classroom! School is going great! My kids and I had a rough first day, but every day they are getting better for me!!

Friday I was sssooo tired and was just not ready for a long day. So when the kids came in I decided we all needed to have some fun... SO we have this little stick with a fish on it that we use to point to things and we decided to name our fish.

We came up with lots of ideas like
They even tried to get Mrs. Palmer in the mix, but I said there is only one Mrs. Palmer, I didn't want no fish named after me!

But the name that we came up with was.... Californiaespealadocious Wormy HAHAHHAHA my little boy said he got it off of a movie, so I'm sure it's supposed to be the long word from Mary Poppins, it was pretty close :)

We also earned some freeze dance by being extra good!

First Grade is hard work and I'm exhausted ALL THE TIME. But it's tons of fun and I already love it.