Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Time Fun Time

It's officially official! I'm a STAHM ( stay at home mom... I got a little excited that I could use that abbreviation) ..... For like 6 more weeks. But beggars can't be choosers! At least that's what I keep hearing

I cannot even describe how much I love staying at home with my little man. This is what life is all about and what it should be!! Sometimes we wake up early and sometimes we wake up late, and sometimes he thinks he can stay up all night long and party.... but j and I always get to spend the whole day together!

He LOVES me!! Like really loves me. He was saying "mama" all the time. He would walk around the house and say it all day everyday. It melted my heart!! Apparently I'm old news now though because he won't say iit anymore! But still I'm his person FINALLY! I've been waiting his whole life for him to be at least a little clingy! 

Wood says ill grt tired of him crying when I do things like curl my hair... You know the dangerous activities the baby can't join in. But I'm not sure I will. I secretly love this face that looks up to me and just wants me to snuggle him! Even when he's crying he's adorable. 

I have found that J is stinking funny. He loves to jabber all day long. And if he does something that makes you laugh he continues the action for the next 10 minutes. It's the best. He loves hats and sunglasses and always makes the cutest cheeser face when he puts them on. He also loves dancing and has some killer head moves that he's been working on. 

Pregnancy is getting better. I am feeling less sick these days and can even work out! Which has been so nice! It's definitely going by faster this time than it did with J. Unfortunately I feel like my tummy is growing faster! Darn it. I was actually following this fit mom account on insta and then she announced she was a week ahead of me and still has a flat tummy.... So I unfollowed her faster than you could say donut! Because that's what I like to eat when prego!

All in all life is good. Wood man is working on his application so we can reapply to PA school! Send us some prayers that we can get in! 

And feel free to be jealous that this sweet smile (and his cutest tiniest little voice) is my new alarm clock.  
Best. Alarm. Ever