Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank Goodness Its Friday

Ever since school has been out I feel like life has been C-Razy!!!

I spent the first few weeks constantly looking for jobs and turning in applications :( (not teaching jobs cuz there are none).

Then I moved onto the interview stage, this stage was the most stressful because I had an interview at a dance studio and as such was trying to get back into shape, I found out after not dancing for about a year I lost: muscle, flexiblity, ability to choreograph in a second, and calluses on my feet to turn :)

I had lots of interviews/call backs and finally after 3 consecutive interviews I landed a job!! at Utah Valley Central Clinic. It's a receptionist job, it'll be 40 hours a week and will pay pretty well. This job is heaven sent especially because Woody is done with the MTC in a week and probably wont have a job until the end of the summer

This week I had interviews and then Shani had her BABY!! YA His name is troy and he is a little cutie!! Then Thursday I worked from 9:00 A.M to 9:00 pm. Then today I was supposed to work 9:00 - 7:00 but luckily I ended up getting a break, good thing cuz I needed one!!

And for next week: I get to do my new job AND my old job..... yay??

All in all: There has been a major switch in the Palmer House,

and Woody is a stay at home dude :)

Time for me to go shopping

Monday, April 18, 2011


Here are some pictures that I took for my graduation announcements! I feel weird posting pictures of just me... where is woody?? But he's not graduating yet, so no pictures for him! hahah
plus, I love Woody but.... he's not the best at taking pictures.

College graduate Baby!!!
Waterfall action without the water
O... yup that's me again :)

Smoochy Smoochy cougar!!

I couldn't help putting this one. It's just funny :)
I have entered, I have learned, now it is time to serve!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

hair throughout my college career

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't like me and my pictures were loaded in the wrong order. SO you'll have to scroll to the bottom and then come back up to get the correct effect....

Picture #6:
This one is taken now that I am a senior in college! I have now made a full circle and am back to the long blonde curls. As much as I love my long blonde hair I'm thinking about changing it. Now that you've seen a variety of hair on me, any suggestions?

P.s. I'm glad I look EXACTLY the same as when I graduated high school, wasn't I supposed to grow up during college??
Picture #5:
My hair has grown back and it has been died back blonde (by my ever faithful hair dresser Shani). But here is when I had added my bangs!! Woody hated these and they took a lot of upkeep so they didn't really last at that long.

Picture #4
This one is actually meant to go before #3. I added some darker tones into my hair before I turned it completely dark. Woody likes this medium hair color the best. But I think it's my least favorite

Picture #3:
My friend Kim and I decided to dye my hair one night because we were bored. It didn't really turn out that great. This is a picture after I had had a hair dresser fix it and make it look nice. Amy with dark hair.. you likey?

Picture #2:
After my Freshman year of college I chopped my hair off. This is it after it grew back a little bit, but it's still a whole lot shorter than I'd ever had it before.

Picture # 1:
This was taken my Senior year in high school. Here I have the long blonde locks, usually done in curls.

Freshman year at BYU

As graduation draws near I thought I'd share some memories that I have had with my BYU career

I had some pretty crazy roommates my Freshman year. Always lots of laughing, singing, dancing and just plain goofiness

I met Natalie my Freshman year at BYU. She was incognito the first month or so of the semester, but then she got really sick and had to stay home for about a week. That's when we started to be friends. She's been my homegirl ever since and I miss her terribly now that I'm married. This was on Halloween.. don't worry we wore these outfits to Olive Garden, we were so cool
Audrey was my roommate Freshman year and I loved having her as a roommate, she was the best! She is such a good friend it's ridiculous. Audrey and I have been friends since like middle school so it was nice to have such a good friend start my new adventure with me!
Alex came up and stayed with me maybe twice? But at the end of the semester he rode up with Shani and came to help me drive all my crap home. We had a blast eating junk food and singing to "Love is a Battlefield" on the way home. I'm so grateful for Alex, he's also a rediculously good friend.
Audrey and I had a Vegas party one night. We made a buffet, drank Root beer and played cards. It was a lot of fun!
This is the dessert we made... We tried to make brownies, but unfortunately they were put on broil... so the top cooked and the middle was nice and gooey. so we put it all in a pan put some cool whip on it, crushed oreos on top and then froze it. It ended up turning out pretty tasty!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Shani and Heather got me digital scrapbooking for my birthday last year. And I've tried to work on it but I've been pretty busy and I've had pages deleted on accident, did the wrong size had to re-format my pages. Any ways it's a work in progress. This is my favorite page I have created. Other pages are good, but it's always all about the shoes :) Just wanted to share!

P.s. I love shoes! Especially high-heels. I just need to convince woody of their importance so that he can let me buy more

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's DAy!

Well, April Fools day is a very interesting day in second grade. In the morning I had the following jokes played on me:
- there's a spider on your shoe!
- there's someone hiding behind you
- I had a bloody nose
- I sprained my ankle
- Broke an arm (like four of them throughout the day)
- Busted a knee
Those poor kids had a ROUGH day so many injuries!!

Miss Sahlin had a funny one.
I told the kids that if they were good Miss Sahlin brought them brownies. After they got back from computers we had put brown "e"s on their desk hahaha soo funny!

Then I did the old:
give them a nice long worksheet, told them to read ALL the directions before turning it in. The last direction was to just put their name on it and hand it in (without doing any of the problems) I only had 1 girl get it. Haha that one kind of went out of their head.
But after the jokes were played the students were glad that we got them because they worried that we teachers were BORING and weren't going to do any tricks.

AND.... I'm done with my lead teaching!!! Only one more week left at school and I'll just be observing other teachers suh-weet!