Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's DAy!

Well, April Fools day is a very interesting day in second grade. In the morning I had the following jokes played on me:
- there's a spider on your shoe!
- there's someone hiding behind you
- I had a bloody nose
- I sprained my ankle
- Broke an arm (like four of them throughout the day)
- Busted a knee
Those poor kids had a ROUGH day so many injuries!!

Miss Sahlin had a funny one.
I told the kids that if they were good Miss Sahlin brought them brownies. After they got back from computers we had put brown "e"s on their desk hahaha soo funny!

Then I did the old:
give them a nice long worksheet, told them to read ALL the directions before turning it in. The last direction was to just put their name on it and hand it in (without doing any of the problems) I only had 1 girl get it. Haha that one kind of went out of their head.
But after the jokes were played the students were glad that we got them because they worried that we teachers were BORING and weren't going to do any tricks.

AND.... I'm done with my lead teaching!!! Only one more week left at school and I'll just be observing other teachers suh-weet!

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