Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank Goodness Its Friday

Ever since school has been out I feel like life has been C-Razy!!!

I spent the first few weeks constantly looking for jobs and turning in applications :( (not teaching jobs cuz there are none).

Then I moved onto the interview stage, this stage was the most stressful because I had an interview at a dance studio and as such was trying to get back into shape, I found out after not dancing for about a year I lost: muscle, flexiblity, ability to choreograph in a second, and calluses on my feet to turn :)

I had lots of interviews/call backs and finally after 3 consecutive interviews I landed a job!! at Utah Valley Central Clinic. It's a receptionist job, it'll be 40 hours a week and will pay pretty well. This job is heaven sent especially because Woody is done with the MTC in a week and probably wont have a job until the end of the summer

This week I had interviews and then Shani had her BABY!! YA His name is troy and he is a little cutie!! Then Thursday I worked from 9:00 A.M to 9:00 pm. Then today I was supposed to work 9:00 - 7:00 but luckily I ended up getting a break, good thing cuz I needed one!!

And for next week: I get to do my new job AND my old job..... yay??

All in all: There has been a major switch in the Palmer House,

and Woody is a stay at home dude :)

Time for me to go shopping

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  1. um its central utah clinic...just make sure u get it right when u start it might be embarrassing. lol and we are sooo proud of u for finding a job!! and teaching dance next year will be super fun!! we miss u guys tons and give little troy lots of love and kisses from us