Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Easy Choice with such evidence

So I'm bored at work and I decided I needed to officially share this with everyone, the ultimate deciding factor as to why my parents said that I could marry Woody....

In case you couldn't tell, Woody is the main man

World Cup

I will probably die a terrible death for posting this but it was pretty funny that there was an article about it....

10 things to do while your spouse obsesses over the world cup

Survival Tip #1: Hit the gym. Your spouse has been watching sweaty dudes clobber each other for a ball all day — so what better way to get his or her attention than to come home looking the perfect mix of hot and gritty?

Survival Tip #2: Stack up on your summer reads. Spend an afternoon in the park getting lost in a book (... or two!). Suggested reading: Bend It Like Beckham (just kidding!).

Survival Tip #3: Dust off those cookbooks. You know what's silly and fun at the same time? Cooking meals that correspond to the games (like pasta when Italy's playing or curry when India takes the field).

Survival Tip #4: Wash your car. It'll give you an excuse to get out of the house — and away from the sound of your spouse yelling "Bad call!" at the TV. Besides, a little sunshine will do you some good. And your windows are dirty.

Survival Tip #5: Shop. If there was ever a time to snag a few "extra" items at the store, it's now. What else are you going to do?

Survival Tip #6:Make the basement (or spare room) into your own personal lair. Stake your claim on the coveted space and turn into your own personal home office. (You snooze, you lose, World Cup Maniac!)

Survival Tip #7:Sign up for classes in something that interests you. By the time your spouse is done watching the World Cup, you could be an expert salsa dancer/pottery painter/French speaker/Frisbee thrower ... (okay, you get the idea).

Survival Tip #8: Revamp your MP3 playlist. Finally, you can shop for songs you like without your spouse standing over your shoulder asking, "Really? You're paying to hear Lady Gaga?"

Survival Tip #9: Make travel plans. What could be more in the spirit of the World Cup than planning a trip to a country you've always wanted to visit? Just, you know, be sure to invite your spouse.

Survival Tip #10: Start scheduling your post-World Cup TV schedule — and DVR-ing all of your favorite shows. Remember, what goes around comes around!

In all fairness it's not the bad - most games are on in the morning and truth be told I get sucked into everything. So although I am not a fanatic like my husband (who woke up at 5:30 to watch a game) I will watch them with him sometimes and today I did check to see if USA won the match. So my dear Woody (if he reads this, he always reads the ones I could get in trouble for) I am not complaining about your world cup fascination, cheer them on baby!!! And while you do I have some plans for me :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best of the Best

My dad is truly the best of the best and I am one lucky girl to have him as my daddy, he is pretty dang cool! I really like the above picture because of my dad doing his thing and Cade is cheering him on hard core! Shout out to my flippin awesome dad who gave me all my cool dance moves :) He truly is the best dad a girl could ever ask for. He was always playing with us as we were growing up, he went to every recital there ever was, he took us boating and jet skiis, and he would even let me drive them even though he said I had only one speed: really fast. I remember going golfing with my dad and he was always patient with me as I tried to hit the ball and would constantly remind me to be steady like a clock: tick tock tick tock He's extremely patient and is the best listener, he always listened to me and helped me figure out life's toughest questions and I am so grateful that during this we would pray, read the scriptures and have father's blessings. I am so grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder who was able to give me blessings in times of need and before school started. And most of all how fun and loving he is! Love you daddy! you're the best

My husband is not yet a father but someday he will be :) I know that he will make a great father because of how much he loves his niece and nephews. He is great with the kids and enjoys playing with them and having fun. I am grateful for his hard work now in preparing for the future he is the best husband a girl could ask for: sweet, loving, forgiving and patient love you wood

and a happy father's day to my father in law Jo. Although he lives in St. George Jo never missed anything that his kids were in. Him and Woody (as you can tell) look a whole lot like and have a lot of the same mannerisms. Jo is a hard working man who loves his family and his farm full of animals :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear John

So a little bit ago I borrowed the book Dear John from my sister-in-law, besides the fact that it was slightly boring (I guess a love story just does not cut it for me, I need some action mixed in!!) it was uper uper sad!! So when I was done I was left feeling depressed and decided I would never read the book again (I'm pretty sure I ranted to Woody how I could not believe I read a whole book about John and whats-her-name and they did not even end up together!) and when the movie came out I had no desire to see it. However, every one said that it was better than the book and well "John" is super hott so I watched it last night while Woody watched basketball with a friend..... so how did it measure up to the book?? Definitely different, worse or better?? Well parts of it were worse the only thing "better" about it was that she ended up with John in the end however other things I believer were definitely more sad... anywho it's a good movie but not one I would recommend if you don't feel like perhaps having a few tears escape

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you fo reals?

I'm confused... I know that there are numbers that you call where you have to talk to a machine, but usually it's that you listen for your number and then the machine directs you to a real person right?? BUT does everyone remember this thing, it's a machine but it's called VOICEMAIL!! Wow what a concept a machine that answers when a real person is not there to pick up!

Here's what I'm confused about: why is it... that when people call and I send them up to lets say membership and then they call me back all mad and frustrated saying that they would like to talk to a person not a machine. Really? Did you not listen to the machine? Cuz you must have missed the part where it said they were unable to answer to please leave a message bla bla bla. Then I have to politely explain to them that real people answer that line they just all must be busy so if they leave a message (no one understands this concept either) then some one will call them back. Well, like I said, people just don't leave messages. So I get the same person call back 3-4 times because they refuse to leave a message and they keep trying to catch the person and of course it is always my fault that the people are not answering.

O the woes of being a receptionist....

Friday, June 11, 2010

hunger games

So I have decided that I have my own hunger games, and the game is that I have to accurately guess the right amount of snacks I need when I leave the house! Unfortunately I do not always guess accurately, I loose the game and I get hungry and then sick..

I am really confused why I get so sick when I am hungry. STOP I AM NOT PREGNANT . this wonderful mystery has happened most of my life, sometimes it gets worse and sometimes better. It's not like a "wow, I'm hungry" it's literally that i get hot and kind of clammy and then I just get kind of dizzy and light headed it's very close to what car sickness feels like. So I am wondering what the heck? It would be really nice to not have to bring snacks EVERYWHERE I go, and to be able to cut down the food intake possibly? I dunno but I'm just saying... Hopefully this does not get worse when I do get pregnant I'm hoping it's like the lactose intolerant thing, Wood said that there is a 30% chance it (lactose intolerance) will go away when I'm pregnant!! YIPEE So maybe my hunger sickness will get better, but sadly I fear it is more likely to get worse.

As I am sure you can guess, I am currently hungry.. feeling the hot and clammy coming on... and the bad news: I already ate my afternoon snacks at work :(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Findings

Although Woody and I have been together for over a year by a lot.. we have never spent a summer together... Woody was in Kansas City last summer selling. And so far we have found some things out.

1. I wore a shirt the other day that is orange and yellow (a summer shirt) and he asked me if I had just bought it cuz he had never seen me wear it :) Just so you know it's mega old like years...
2. I have found out that laying by the pool is NOT in Woody's vocabulary. Thank heavens our pool has a basketball hoop or else he'd never get in!
3. The other day we went swimming with Heather, Jordan and Kakes and afterwards we went out. I had gotten sunburnt so I was needing some cool clothes so I just bought on a pair of swim trunks (don't worry the long ones) and Woody could not get over the fact that I would wear my swim trunks when I was not swimming, he made fun of me the whole night!!!
4. i found out that Woody does not like slurpees... abominable

That's it so far but I'm sure we'll have many more discoveries to come, I'll keep you posted

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Goal

So I went to a jazz class last Thursday with my good friend Kim, the class kicked my butt!! Today is SAturday and I am still so stinking sore. BUT my friend Kim looked great! She had some serious nice lookin legs had a good tan going on... so I asked her if she'd been working out comes to find out she's training for a half marathon! I thought "huh, that's cool I wanna do that sometime". Then I got to thinking about it yesterday and I thought why not do it now!! School is ending in two weeks and after that I'll just have work so i'll have lots of free time, who knows when I'll have so much free time again (probably never) So I've decided I'm training for a half marathon!!! The down side is that the one Kim is doing is full and there is not another one in Utah that I could do so technically I'm not going to run in one, but I will train for it and then run one by myself! COOL!!!

The neatest thing is that Kim told me about this website where you can make a running route and it tells you how long it is and how high the elevation is, that way I know how far I am actually running. The site is LiveStrong and I thought it was pretty neat!!

This first week is my "pre-training" where I have to get to the point where I can run for thirty minutes with no problem.. wish me luck on that! Afterwards I train! Call me crazy but I am getting pretty excited. It's always nice to have something to work towards, and I am also looking forward to my nice tan and great legs that hopefully will come to pass :)

So if you see me running and I look like I am hating myself.... just yell some encouraging words, like I have nice legs :)