Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Goal

So I went to a jazz class last Thursday with my good friend Kim, the class kicked my butt!! Today is SAturday and I am still so stinking sore. BUT my friend Kim looked great! She had some serious nice lookin legs had a good tan going on... so I asked her if she'd been working out comes to find out she's training for a half marathon! I thought "huh, that's cool I wanna do that sometime". Then I got to thinking about it yesterday and I thought why not do it now!! School is ending in two weeks and after that I'll just have work so i'll have lots of free time, who knows when I'll have so much free time again (probably never) So I've decided I'm training for a half marathon!!! The down side is that the one Kim is doing is full and there is not another one in Utah that I could do so technically I'm not going to run in one, but I will train for it and then run one by myself! COOL!!!

The neatest thing is that Kim told me about this website where you can make a running route and it tells you how long it is and how high the elevation is, that way I know how far I am actually running. The site is LiveStrong and I thought it was pretty neat!!

This first week is my "pre-training" where I have to get to the point where I can run for thirty minutes with no problem.. wish me luck on that! Afterwards I train! Call me crazy but I am getting pretty excited. It's always nice to have something to work towards, and I am also looking forward to my nice tan and great legs that hopefully will come to pass :)

So if you see me running and I look like I am hating myself.... just yell some encouraging words, like I have nice legs :)


  1. So funny you post that! I want to run one also! Well, maybe a 10k or 10 miler, but still... I have never ran farther than 1.5 miles and am going to run my first 5k in 3 weeks. I figured I should start small (which will still be hard for me) then work my way up. I started running with some neighbors, they kicked my butt this morning!! Good luck!! I'll have a grouchy look on my face too!!! :)

  2. I've always wanted to run a marathon, or a half marathon...but yeah, I've never been much of a runner :P Good luck girly!!! Maybe I'll try the whole running thing after I realize how big my butt has gotten after the baby ha ha

  3. I totally am wishing that you lived closer! I need those nice lookin legs too

  4. Love your new page, how long is a marathon? Tips from mom: only go in the day time, watch out for cars, carry pepper spray!, and your phone! Love you