Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Months

May 21 was mine and Woody's six month anniversary!! Woody's the bestest when I came home for lunch that day he had a beautiful rose and a rice krispie treat for me :) The rice krispy was because one time I brought one home and he ate it so he bought me another one and it was dipped in chocolate yum!! We shared it as our treat for lunch. Then that night we made chicken alfredo, Wood's favorite, it turned out pretty good

We had some martinelli's they were actually these mini ones that we got from Elise Kelly's bridal shower haha we saved them for a good occasion!

Afterwards we went out and bought a new vacuum and got some ice cream when we came home Woody went to work! (He's a great cleaner) and we were DISGUSTED at what our new vacuum picked up so we had to document it...... Just so you know we had already vacuumed once and our carpets just got cleaned (I guess cleaning your carpet pulls up all the dirt)

Good thing we bought the new vacuum!!! Now our carpet is clean and you can walk on it!! HOORAY!


  1. Happy six months! You two are such a cute and happy couple!

  2. yay congrats :) and yay for a new vacuum!! Isn't it funny how the little mundane things are the best now :) ha ha

  3. you honeymooners are sooooo cute! we love you!