Sunday, August 30, 2009


Woody and I have joined the blog family and I am so excited!!! My sister Heather convinced me and Woody agreed, so here we are!! Woody and I are people from two different worlds.. Alpine Ut, and vegas but we met last year at liberty square and fate worked overtime to bring us together. Woody is going to school at UVU studying Biology, and working at the MTC teaching Greek. What a dream job he has!!! I am going to BYU studying Early Childhood Education and just about to begin my receptionist job at KBYU media center.

We were blessed with a fabulous week and a half with no work or school. We stayed with my parents in Vegas for a couple of days swam, lake, and frisbee golf (Woody kicked everybody's trash!!!!). We then went to St. George to see his dad and pick out the tuxedos for the wedding. Followed by some time at his mom's in Utah. We are not looking forward for everything to start up again..

We are two busy busy kids, crazy in love and engaged trying to manage our time, Wish us luck!!!!