Sunday, March 29, 2015

Picture update

J man is such an amazing eater!!! And apparently I really like taking pictures of it haha

I was pretty proud of this one: he ate balsamic chicken with carrots and tomatoes and he LOVED IT

He grabbed this cutie off the table while I wasn't looking and decided to dig in! He loved all the juice and would have eaten the whole thing had I let him. 
And of course I let him eat PB out of the jar... I mean who doesn't?
J man loves his cousins! 

And of course we are loving this warm weather and our big blue ball :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

One Year Old!!!

Oh snap! My baby is one?!! 

How cute is he though really?

How did this happen to me? Where did the time go??

This has definitely been the best year of my life. I know people usually put hardest in there, but I don't think I will. 

I am not one to sugar coat things - having a kid was a lot of work and there will definitely some really hard times in there, they just aren't what stick out to me. 

I have loved all the hard times and the good times. I could not have asked for a better baby. 

Because I want to post but am feeling slightly lazy I will give you what I wrote for Js last monthly write up:

My baby turned 1!!! How did this happen? J babe you have been my greatest adventure and my greatest joy. You have turned into quite the little man. You are a pro walker and love to walk walk walk! For about a week you would answer "what does a tiger say" and "what does a wolf say". You're over it now though...(your independence, and desire to not do as asked comes from your dad)  But you will just growl growl and growl. 

You love everybody and constantly reach for strangers and give them a hug. YOU make everyone feel so loved and special. 

You can sleep all by yourself when you want to. But when you decide you want to sleep in mom and dads bed you prefer mom. You'll be asleep and I transfer you over to dad and you crawl right back. It makes mom feel loved. (mostly afterwards when she thinks about it...)

You love the park! You love playing and going down the slide, trying new things and even just watching the kids. You have 7 teeth and haven't gotten a new one in a while. You still aren't a great chewer choke on everything, but you are eating a large variety of foods, cheese and fruit being your favorite. 

You say uh-oh moma dada and wow. You growl when you want something. Say mmmm when you want milk or make a sucking fish face. And lick your lips when you want some food. You love to giggle and love it when mom and dad chase you and say "I'm going to get you". 

You love to play with your toys and push the laundry basket with mom. 

You've grown up so fast! And are turning into a little boy!
I love every stage you've gone through and am excited for the rest. 

Congratulations you made it to the end!!! 

I put together a little video of J man's first year if you feel so inclined, love my child, or are desperate for entertainment, it is here for you!