Wednesday, December 18, 2013

kankles, chubby cheeks, and an elf on the shelf

We went to New Mexico for Thanksgiving.  For the first time ever.. I froze Woody out in the car.  He and his brother Kolton were freezing... Woody would turn the air hot and then I would turn it cold.... things have definitely changed.

New Mexico was tons of fun! We had a FULL HOUSE, but we did really well in our tight quarters. It was fun to see Woody's family that we don't get to be with very often.

We went on the Polar Express

During our black friday shopping Woody found a sweet awesome jacket/vest.  And then he found a whole outfit to go with it... he looks good in purple. Very Manly

We love visiting our nephew Jake! He is so cute and it gets us excited (and definitely nervous) for J to come!

I had a little boy bring in this present.  He said that he knew that my little boy would LOVE cars and legos.  I thought it was sweet that he would bring some of his own toys to give to little Joseph. His mom came in later that week and said he got the present put together all by himself... that's why I love my kiddos

I put my Reindeer up during my Thanksgiving feast at school... yeah I was ready for Christmas!

My kids have an Elf this year! I must admit that I love him, and so do the kids!! They are always so excited to come in and find him in the classroom.... unfortunately he was late arriving because I have some serious pregnancy brain problems

Ned stole their ornaments from the kids felt Christmas tree

He makes them books and writes funny things on the front.  Some favorites have been:
"Stop picking your nose"
"Ned for President"
And.. I can't remember anymore... remember.. pregnancy brain??

Woody says my ankles don't swell....
I guess in his defense I should add they don't usually look this bad, but when I went on a trip to Pennsylvania for work they got that bad.  They are however SWOLLEN.. Woody just can't tell because they started out so small... but I promise, they are bigger

While I was gone Woody went and picked up our crib!! He also bought the bedding that I have been wanting.  AND he set up the crib so it was ready when I came home.  It was so sweet!! 
Seeing the crib made it feel even more real that this baby is coming!
Woody said, "you mean that big belly isn't enough??"
Ya.. it's not enough

Here is baby Joseph! I still can't believe that there is a baby inside my tummy!! It is crazy to watch my stomach move as he moves.  I am so thankful to have been blessed to carry this little baby!

My belly, cheeks (both sets), thighs, ankles, etc... are all getting bigger and bigger! And I'm pretty sure my scale is BROKEN... there's no way I weigh THAT MUCH hahaha
Hopefully these things mean Joey is also getting bigger ;)


2 more days of school!!
I think I can... I think I can... I think I can..