Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Funnys

Working with kids is always pretty funny, never a dull moment in first grade :) Here are some of the funnys from today:

My little boy E comes up to me before recess
E: Mrs. Palmer, this girl chases C everyday at recess and she never chases me
Me: so... do you want to get chased?
E: Yeah, I do
Me: Oh, OK well... why don't you tell her to chase you then?

The same little boy's mom was supposed to come in and help during centers this morning.  However she sent a note in saying one of her other kids was sick so she wouldn't be able to make it in today.. During centers E comes up to me...
E: Mrs. Palmer, if my mom doesn't come in to help with centers I'm gonna kill her 
HAHAHAHAHAHa... busted mom!

Everyday the kids have "words of the day".  And part of what we do with them, is that they have to write a sentence with the word in it.
 One of my little boys came up to me and asked if he had to write a true sentence, love your honesty hon, but no, your sentence can be make believe so he wrote... 
I have one dollar.  (that's his make believe sentence.. bummer I guess your broke)

My little boy B starts every sentence with "Wanna know whats funny..." and then he tells me all sorts of facts 

While the kids were coming up to get some papers I had a little girl come up behind and poked me to get my attention, when I looked at her she did the most dramatic wink ever!! She could barely keep her other eye open.. then she giggled and proceeded to wink 3 more times.. hah new trick maybe?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good and bad habits.. According to 6 year olds

In class recently we learned about good and bad habits. I had the munchkins make a book about good and bad habits. Some of their titles were pretty clever like: "the good and the bad" haha. But mostly it was their habits that were hilarious.  Here are some of the funny ones:

Good habits - these were not as funny but here were the frequent ones
- sliding down the slide
- watering flowers
- swimming
- gymnastics
- sharing
- playing with friends

Bad habits
- stomping on flowers
- throwing rocks at people's car
- hiding from my mom (hahaha how often does this occur I wonder?)
- not playing with friends
- pushing someone down a big hill
And my favorite.... Being naked :)

Hahahaha I seriously giggled at every book. I just love working with 6 year olds

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I love my kiddos!!

I had a fantastic day at school, abnormally fantastic!!

One of my little kids disappeared in the morning to look for the backpack, and 5 seconds later another teacher brought it to me. So.. I went off in search of him, when I finally locate him wandering the halls (not surprised) I came back to a QUIET classroom.  All of my little darlings (yes, I call them this at school) were working on their morning work quietly... cue heavenly bells

After we did our morning routine we did some handwriting.  Before we do our handwriting practice we sing a handwriting song where we write the letters in the air and dance around (my favorite part!) (now that I'm thinking about it... the song is playing in my head) SO during the free dance time I saw 2 of my boys not dancing!!!... LAME so I told them they had 10 seconds to get dancing or pay me a penny... they both looked at each other like they were too cool for school.. so they paid me pennies :)

Centers was also QUIET... I'm loving centers this year, wonderful, wonderful.

During math.. we were taking a test and I had a little girl peek over at another boy's paper to which he IMMEDIATELY held up his fist and in his most threatening voice said, "don't you look at my paper".  Haha when I talked to him about it he said.. "well, we aren't allowed to do that during  tests"  hm... ok ya true...

Anyway they are adorable and I am grateful for days like today where even though I have my normal crazy moments.. I just love them

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Woody, Kody and I went shooting the other weekend.  I was TERRIBLE at the shotgun but did pretty good at the hand gun and the 22.  I think that we'll have to go more often because it was pretty fun!!

We made us some gyros the other night that were delicious!! Woody found a good tzatziki sauce and we cooked everything up and were in heaven!! Woody and I are already trying to decide when our next trip to Greece will be... way too far away for us!

New School Year!

School has begun!! And it is very exciting!! The week before school started we came in for meetings and to work in our classrooms.. this is what our meetings looked like, I love working at an Elementary School

I switched my classroom up this year, got rid of my desk, added a writing station, a bigger library, and got a computer for the kids to use!! I really like this lay out of my room a lot better!! And am loving it so far

This is where I put the student of the week's pictures

This is my classroom on Back to school night.  I had 11 students not come!! Holy Moly!

Woody came in and helped me set up this bulletin board.. he's such a sweetie

This is what my kiddos drew on back to school night!! YAY so fun

This is me on my third first day of first grade :)

My feet were not used to wearing high heels all day anymore!! So I kicked mine off as soon as my kiddies left! PHEW loooong day after a restful summer.

I absolutely love my new kids this year! They are a very CHATTY bunch  and I didn't get any grace period where they are too scared to talk... it'll get really crazy around the HOlidays I'm sure, but I love them already!

On the second day of school, the kids were sharing these little people that they had made at home.  One of the girls had googlie eyes on hers and one of her eyes fell off!! When it fell off one of my little boys yelled, "hey! It looks like a one-eyed creep!" haha oh boy....

I have like 4 adorable blonde haired tan skinned little boys.  It took me my first 3 days to be able to tell them apart when they weren't sitting at their desks!!

So far, I've had 2 kids eat their whole lunch at our morning snack time, and then not have anything to eat during lunch time!! I have to monitor what they bring outside now to make sure they won't starve later!

I'm really excited for this year and think it will be a million times smoother than last year!! Thursdays are my favorite days because we pack up at 1:45 to go home and then they have specials for the last hour!! Blessed quiet while I get stuff done!

OOO and Woody has also started school :) He says this year will be tough because he's in all of his upper division science classes so it sounds like he'll be studying a lot!! HE is also working for his cousin Zach right now and we are loving life!