Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Funnys

Working with kids is always pretty funny, never a dull moment in first grade :) Here are some of the funnys from today:

My little boy E comes up to me before recess
E: Mrs. Palmer, this girl chases C everyday at recess and she never chases me
Me: so... do you want to get chased?
E: Yeah, I do
Me: Oh, OK well... why don't you tell her to chase you then?

The same little boy's mom was supposed to come in and help during centers this morning.  However she sent a note in saying one of her other kids was sick so she wouldn't be able to make it in today.. During centers E comes up to me...
E: Mrs. Palmer, if my mom doesn't come in to help with centers I'm gonna kill her 
HAHAHAHAHAHa... busted mom!

Everyday the kids have "words of the day".  And part of what we do with them, is that they have to write a sentence with the word in it.
 One of my little boys came up to me and asked if he had to write a true sentence, love your honesty hon, but no, your sentence can be make believe so he wrote... 
I have one dollar.  (that's his make believe sentence.. bummer I guess your broke)

My little boy B starts every sentence with "Wanna know whats funny..." and then he tells me all sorts of facts 

While the kids were coming up to get some papers I had a little girl come up behind and poked me to get my attention, when I looked at her she did the most dramatic wink ever!! She could barely keep her other eye open.. then she giggled and proceeded to wink 3 more times.. hah new trick maybe?

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  1. Dude, kids are hilarious. LOVE all your kid stories.