Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Kid stories

This week is our "drug free" week.  So we have had some dress up days = crazy kids... they are fun, but they always make the kids a little bit more excited than usual. 

 Today was dress like what you want to be when you grow up.  This is what I wore:

Basically my main idea was, "what outfit can I wear that represents a career and is REALLY comfy".  My Sweet husband found this bad boy for me, wad up!!
When my kids walked in today they were a little surprised

Boy: woah! That is not what I was expecting!
Me: What?! What were you expecting
Boy: I dunno...  for you to be a teacher or something
Me: Well I thought when I grow up (put my hand up... meaning taller) I could play basketball
Girl: but teacher.. you're already grown up

haha Ok.. yes you're right I'm already a grown up, I'll give up my dreams of being Michael Jordan Danit!

So remember how I said dress up days my kids crazy... well my one little boy, B, is normally crazy.  So dress up days have sent him a little bit over the top

B had a hard time in writing today and refused to write, so during Spanish he had to sit in another classroom and write for the entire half hour.. I told him absolutely no pictures and he couldn't stop writing... (don't judge me, I swear I'm a nice teacher!) This is what he wrote

"I am so bored.  When will I get out of here.  I am so mad. I want to get out What time is it? When will this end? How am I supposed to know what time it is if no one will tell me? I think this is coming to the end! Nope, I was wrong. Seriously I want to get out of here.  What time is it?"

Hahaha!! Well at least he was writing the whole time, and quiet.  Which is a BIG deal! Plus he had really good endmarks, so no complaints here :)

I had one of my little girls earn eating lunch with me and a friend this week.. we had a really good conversation

"Everybody in the whole world had kids!"
"I know where babies come from and how they come out...."
"Some people who live in other states don't have kids, so no one starts out at 0 years old"
"I don't know what these are... but they taste really yucky (tries the food) oh.. yeah they are really yucky"
me: Be careful with your chocolate milk dont spill it
gril: yeah well.. I always spill it, it's really hard not to spill it, so I'll probably spill it

Also, in real life:  Woody's sister, Ashlee got married this weekend.  So we had a wedding weekend.  It was fun to have all of his family come up and see them, and Ashlee and Cody were looking happy!

Sorry all I talk about is my kids... they are just the most exciting part of my life.. 


  1. Yep, still loving the kid stories! I wish we could have hung out more over the weekend! I was SO in over my head with these kids this weekend!

  2. Keep the stories coming. I am a fan. And side note, you are drop dead gorgeous woman. You and woody are going to make some seriously beautiful babies!! (when the time comes.)