Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Months

May 21 was mine and Woody's six month anniversary!! Woody's the bestest when I came home for lunch that day he had a beautiful rose and a rice krispie treat for me :) The rice krispy was because one time I brought one home and he ate it so he bought me another one and it was dipped in chocolate yum!! We shared it as our treat for lunch. Then that night we made chicken alfredo, Wood's favorite, it turned out pretty good

We had some martinelli's they were actually these mini ones that we got from Elise Kelly's bridal shower haha we saved them for a good occasion!

Afterwards we went out and bought a new vacuum and got some ice cream when we came home Woody went to work! (He's a great cleaner) and we were DISGUSTED at what our new vacuum picked up so we had to document it...... Just so you know we had already vacuumed once and our carpets just got cleaned (I guess cleaning your carpet pulls up all the dirt)

Good thing we bought the new vacuum!!! Now our carpet is clean and you can walk on it!! HOORAY!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Life has been BUSY BUSY BUSY lately. I am currently in the middle of Spring semester, which sadly I am taking 9 credits!! That may not sound like a lot but because spring is a condensed semester taking 9 credits really is like taking 18.
PLUS I'm working and usually I do my homework at work except for lately I've had to do work at work LAME!!
PLUS for one my classes I have to get 12 observation hours at an elementary school and since I've squeezed all my classes and work in so tightly I was only able to go in for about an hour every afternoon... and that was leaving work an hour early.

PHEW! The good news is: I have been working in Shani's classroom for my hours and I have really enjoyed it. Maybe it's just been fun because it's the end of the year or cuz Shani is such a cool teacher or cuz I'm a flippin balla so all the kids like me .... but I've decided that it would have been ok for me to get my elementary education license (meaning I could teach 1-6) instead of my ECE license (I can only teach preschool-3). But I just remember that the bad stories coming out of the higher grades (I think) are worse than the ones that come out of the lower grades.. so I'm good with my little ones :)

Woody has been the best. Not counting last night.. it has been well over a week since I last cooked dinner. But count into the fact that we were both sick for a couple of days and we went to Vegas for the weekend. But yesterday I decided I'd take a break from school and be a wife for the night.. by this I mean while Woody was at work I was going to clean, I did pick up the kitchen but then I noticed that Woody had already cleaned everything else! Way to go Babe!! I made us some dinner and then when he came home we went grocery shopping (it's been like 2 maybe 3 weeks...) at Walmart and picked up some pictures. This was ridiculously FUN! It was so nice to be able to just hang out with Woody for a night. we had a blast singing and dancing in the car and put up some picture frames in the house.

I am the luckiest for girl because I got the best husband!

Monday, May 10, 2010

WE MoVeD!!!!

Woody and I moved a couple of weeks ago down to P-town!! I am not gonna lie I was uper duper excited. Our apartment is tiny but o so cute and ours :) My parents came up and my sisters and their husbands all helped us move. Thanks to all of their hard work we were able to get everything in one load!! My mom and I stayed in Alpine to clean the apartment - they left us carless so Woody came and picked us up... some guy at our complex helped move us in and he was asking everyone who was moving in - he couldn't figure it out cuz neither Wood nor I were actually there hahaha..... after we got everything unloaded we went shopping :) We got us some couch covers which seriously transformed the room from old and ugly to cute :) a beautiful TV stand (because Wood's love is that TV) and a shower curtain (kind of a necessity) I'm not done hanging everything up so I will post more pictures when I am finished but I have loved decorating!! And it is heaven on earth to live in Provo. Thank you thank you to my family who helped us move we seriously could NOT have done it without you!!!

Compliments to my mother for the photos (you're right mom I am glad that you took them!)

Saying goodbye to the old apartment

HEllo!! To our new home!!

Our first meal in the apartment
Daddy and I on our pretty couch after a long hard day work
Woody sitting in the chair!
Our wall assemble... It ended up being a little bit higher than I planned and a little closer... but I'm new at this whole hanging things up and I think it turned out pretty cute
Our dining area :)