Monday, May 10, 2010

WE MoVeD!!!!

Woody and I moved a couple of weeks ago down to P-town!! I am not gonna lie I was uper duper excited. Our apartment is tiny but o so cute and ours :) My parents came up and my sisters and their husbands all helped us move. Thanks to all of their hard work we were able to get everything in one load!! My mom and I stayed in Alpine to clean the apartment - they left us carless so Woody came and picked us up... some guy at our complex helped move us in and he was asking everyone who was moving in - he couldn't figure it out cuz neither Wood nor I were actually there hahaha..... after we got everything unloaded we went shopping :) We got us some couch covers which seriously transformed the room from old and ugly to cute :) a beautiful TV stand (because Wood's love is that TV) and a shower curtain (kind of a necessity) I'm not done hanging everything up so I will post more pictures when I am finished but I have loved decorating!! And it is heaven on earth to live in Provo. Thank you thank you to my family who helped us move we seriously could NOT have done it without you!!!

Compliments to my mother for the photos (you're right mom I am glad that you took them!)

Saying goodbye to the old apartment

HEllo!! To our new home!!

Our first meal in the apartment
Daddy and I on our pretty couch after a long hard day work
Woody sitting in the chair!
Our wall assemble... It ended up being a little bit higher than I planned and a little closer... but I'm new at this whole hanging things up and I think it turned out pretty cute
Our dining area :)


  1. yay!!! There's something so nice about having your own little space, even if it's old andn little :) and i agree, decorating is always fun!!

  2. Fun!!! I'll just tell you now; when I get married, that's one of the things I'm most excited about: getting our own place and being able to decorate!!! Gotta put my skills to use some how!! :D (I said "our." That's weird. Especially since I'm even dating anyone! haha)

  3. Amy cute cute place! we are excited for you guys, and had so much fun coming up to help! Good thing you can see woody's crutches in the pic of him with the tennys and you with the big ole box!! ha ha! Love you guys lots!

  4. We are so excited that you have your own, cute place! Love the decorations! Glad you got all moved in. Very exciting post!

  5. So cute! love your new place! And who knew--what a hoopster you were today at school :)

    PS I need my shirt back

    PPS lets dye your hair