Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photo Shop

Lately I've been loving photoshop. Here are some of my creations! It's cool to see them next to their originals BUT I don't have that much patience :)

Fourth of July.. I mean Pioneer Day

I had my first ever experience of a real Pioneer Day Holiday. I have lived in Utah for 5 years now and I had NO idea that fireworks were included on Pioneer Day. for Pioneer day we spent some time with Wood's family and it was so fun because the Sneds got to come up and spend it with us too! Here are some pictures....

Us watching the fireworks
We had some fireworks that shot up G.I. Joe guys and they came down in parachutes and the boys LOVED them, so we went to buy some more and got this huge pack, that we thought had 35 G.I. Joes.... they turned out to be 35 sets of strings haha but the boys loved running around and collecting
Max and all his prizes
I love this picture, I think the color is perfect and little Max doing his trick with closed eyes and no legs is precious!! I am really loving my new camera

The boys loved riding their bikes so much that Woody wanted a turn too!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What do you think?

I edited this picture that I took of my nephew. The first one is the original and the second one is the one I edited..
Does his shirt bug you in this one? Woody says it looks fake because it's just black and lost all of it's depth, so I'm wondering what do you think?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


My messy house :) Don't worry it has since been cleaned!! But can you find the new addition??
If you guessed the computer you were right!!!
I keep trying to tell Woody it's mine since he has the laptop but he says that it's OURS.... lame
Woody and I were planning on buying me a computer to use for school, because it's SO obnoxious when we both have things to do on the computer and only one computer! But we were planning on waiting until September when I had gotten my teacher salary!! But Wood found a killer deal at UVU for this ginormica one! So we splurged :) Now with my nice camera (thanks mom!!) and my nice computer I really want to get into taking pictures and editing them... maybe during Christmas holiday because I doubt I'll find time once I'm teaching!!

Anyways... just thought I'd share my new toy!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wood and I babysat for Chris and Shani this weekend while they went out for their 3? year anniversary. It was lots of fun!! Unfortunately baby Troy was a little sad so we took turns holding him and playing with Brighton. Me and Brighton ran around upstairs and fought all the bad guys in every corner, and Brighton and Woody found dinosaurs outside, even an AMY dinosaur, I know pretty cool.

But the funniest part about the whole night was when Woody changed Brighton's diaper. This was the first time I had EVER seen Woody change a diaper and uh.... he might need some practice. Lets just say that Brighton definitely won the fight with his quick legs and it may have taken a couple of minutes before a diaper was put on.... good thing he didn't pee!!!!

We had tons of fun though! We love living close to family and being able to go over and play! And from now on I'm gonna try to convince Wood to change more diapers for some practice

Friday, July 8, 2011

Life after vacation

I have like a cold. Some MUTATED sinus something. My ears plug up. My nose is stuffed. I can't talk. Woody laughs at my laugh. I cough a lot. And today, I feel like somebody punched me in the face (I'm not even being drastic!!). I'm so glad I have to stay late at work.

The end.