Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wood and I babysat for Chris and Shani this weekend while they went out for their 3? year anniversary. It was lots of fun!! Unfortunately baby Troy was a little sad so we took turns holding him and playing with Brighton. Me and Brighton ran around upstairs and fought all the bad guys in every corner, and Brighton and Woody found dinosaurs outside, even an AMY dinosaur, I know pretty cool.

But the funniest part about the whole night was when Woody changed Brighton's diaper. This was the first time I had EVER seen Woody change a diaper and uh.... he might need some practice. Lets just say that Brighton definitely won the fight with his quick legs and it may have taken a couple of minutes before a diaper was put on.... good thing he didn't pee!!!!

We had tons of fun though! We love living close to family and being able to go over and play! And from now on I'm gonna try to convince Wood to change more diapers for some practice

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