Saturday, July 23, 2011


My messy house :) Don't worry it has since been cleaned!! But can you find the new addition??
If you guessed the computer you were right!!!
I keep trying to tell Woody it's mine since he has the laptop but he says that it's OURS.... lame
Woody and I were planning on buying me a computer to use for school, because it's SO obnoxious when we both have things to do on the computer and only one computer! But we were planning on waiting until September when I had gotten my teacher salary!! But Wood found a killer deal at UVU for this ginormica one! So we splurged :) Now with my nice camera (thanks mom!!) and my nice computer I really want to get into taking pictures and editing them... maybe during Christmas holiday because I doubt I'll find time once I'm teaching!!

Anyways... just thought I'd share my new toy!!

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  1. o i love love it!!! it looks soo good! and yes ur house is a little crowded with all ur teaching stuff hahaa love u