Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth of July.. I mean Pioneer Day

I had my first ever experience of a real Pioneer Day Holiday. I have lived in Utah for 5 years now and I had NO idea that fireworks were included on Pioneer Day. for Pioneer day we spent some time with Wood's family and it was so fun because the Sneds got to come up and spend it with us too! Here are some pictures....

Us watching the fireworks
We had some fireworks that shot up G.I. Joe guys and they came down in parachutes and the boys LOVED them, so we went to buy some more and got this huge pack, that we thought had 35 G.I. Joes.... they turned out to be 35 sets of strings haha but the boys loved running around and collecting
Max and all his prizes
I love this picture, I think the color is perfect and little Max doing his trick with closed eyes and no legs is precious!! I am really loving my new camera

The boys loved riding their bikes so much that Woody wanted a turn too!!

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  1. looks like tons of fun! those little boys are the cutest