Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Fun

Today B (he's featured in every post) said to me: "Mrs. Palmer you look sick."

Also as I was preparing some Grinch Punch for my kids I told them that if they weren't in their seat working when it was their turn to get the drink I would skip them.

B came up to multiple times to chit chat (he has lots of stories). I kept reminding him that if it was his turn to get the drink and he was up here talking or walking around then he wouldn't get it.

After perhaps my 4th time B replied, "I know! I heard you the first time."
My bad.. you weren't acting like it!

Onto other news:

Woody and I had a fun-filled weekend last weekend.  His sister Kortni came up with her family and we got to have some pre-Christmas fun.

We took some Family Pics:

If you know me and Woody you know a smile like this from him is RARE!

I know you already saw these on FB I would edit some others from you but I just edited photos for a friend and I'm photoshopped out for the night

We went up to City Creek.  It had an AMAZING Disney Store. I think that I enjoyed it just asmuch   more than the kids. :) It also has The Steak Company which is where my love for Chicken Teriyaki sandwiches came from. YUM

Then we went to see the lights at Temple Square.  I wore a little kid's beanie to help keep me warm. Yes, I have a very small head. 

Woody and I were able to meet our new favorite author.  He wrote these: 

Incase you can't read the very LARGE text.. Brandon Sanderson.  Woody saw him first and said, "hey that's Brandon Sanderson!"
 Then while I am searching the crowd Woody watches him leave... we walk for like two seconds and Woody is weighed down with a great sense of remorse "Oh man, I should have shaken his hand." 

So we leave his family and go on the search!! After walking a little bit   After a long and freezing search we locate him! Woody and I walk past him like twice  a few hundred times with Woody saying "No, I shouldn't bother him... He's with his family... He's with his kid"

So Brave Amy walks up to him and says very eloquently... "Hey, are you Brandon Sanderson".
We tell him that we love his books, shake his hands and I am now OFFICIALLY....WOODY'S HERO.

After that exciting moment we went to the Jazz Game. 

It was a last minute decision. We were actually on our way home when Woody said, "Hey the Jazz game is starting".  So Woody and I, Cody, Justin and his son Max, head over.

We got the very last possible row in the upperbowl.

Luckily though... Cody scouted an empty row for us and our seats drastically improved in the second half

On Sunday we had a gingerbread making contest.  Woody and I won... HOLLLA

 Sunday night we went to his Grandpa and Grandma Woodruff's house.  Grandpa gave all of his grandchildren a gun.  It was quite the event, a few tears were shed and happy faces were seen as the guys were being passed out.

Ok... back to the thing I talk about most.. my kids...

This is them doing a Mario dance that I found on Pinterest.  It's adorable.  I love watching them dance.  Basically I just stand and giggle as I watch them.

We made some Santas that were stuck in a chimney. The craft was pretty cute.. They had a chimney and then some legs sticking out :) But here are some funny stories 

"Santa is stuck because Santa ate so much cookies and hot chocolate. So him stuck in the chimney.  Santa likes cookies and hot chocolate.  Rudolph came  to Santa. Rudolph pulled Santa's legs and got him out.

"He was delivering presents like usually.  And he was going down the chimney.  How did he get out you say? He broke the chimney and got off the top of the house. But he hit his head on the top.

"The chimney was stuffed with snow.  The snow fell out.  He popped out.  He got a bump on his head. He wanted to go to bed."

"Santa is stuck. No one can get him out. It was not funny. That was sad. He was too big so he could not get out. Don't laugh its not really really really not funny so don't laugh. It's santa won't you do laughing if you were stuck in that."

"Santa said stop to the Reindeer and when they stopped Santa whent and flew! And got stuck. the workers had to go on the roof to get santa out of the chimney.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa Letters

My kids wrote letters to Santa this past week.  They are pretty hilarious!! I am going to keep to their spelling because it adds character :) Here are some goodies:

Dear Santa,
How do you get all the houses in the hill in tire rth? (whole entire earth) Santa, I haven't ben rilly good. Is ther semthing I can do to fix that?
(From one my best behaved children in the class)

Dear Santa,
Do you poot up a tree.  Do you eyt cande cas? (candy canes) Can you shoo me a picr of yo riten the sla (sleigh?)

Dear Santa,
Thac you fr the elf. I wd like a frbe fr christmas.  If you dot cer I wd also like a fatball hel mit.
(Thank you for the elf. I would like a furbie for christmas. If you don't care I would also like a football helmet).

Dear Santa,
I was really good this week. (she wasn't good in school, I can tell you that much). Can you breign me asapris on christmas (surprise on christmas). I need more make up for christmas becuse my sistr tace (takes) some of my makeup so it is allmost gone.

Dear Santa,
Today I was good by working quiet. (this little boy NEVER talks.. so yeah that's true)

Dear Santa,
I wot a I tuch for christmas.
(anyone surprised by a 6 year old asking for an Itouch??)

Dear Santa,
I want a lot of presens.  I am veary good this year. I am nice to frends today. I bet you have a lot of elfs like 100000 of em (them). I want 10 toy stuft animals to play with it all day long. I will love it so so so mutch I wont it.

Dear Santa,
 I wats a Ipod for Christmas it will be fan (fun) so so much fan! I wot a mostr hiy grel (monster high girl) 5 mostr hiy grels! I ded (did) be nis (nice) so so nis but I wot you to gef  (give) me a spris for chirstnas and a cat jrnl (journal).

Sorry that's a lot of letters.. but I giggled at every single one... here's a picture because posts without pictures are boring :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life + Kid Quotes

Well Ladies and Gentleman... The Time HAS ARRIVED!!! It's officially..........

Christmas season!!! Woot  Woot.  I am pretty darn excited.  But let's RECAP about ThaNkSgiVIng shall we??

Momma and Pappa Albright came into town with big brother Adam and his adorable new girlfriend, Emily.

Thanksgiving was filled with the usual of....

BLacK FriDAy Shopping!

Yeah.. two big screen TV's.. we don't mess!

Family Time!!

And some NEW things such as:

Mom being moved to sit at the kid table.. We all knew it was only a matter of time...

And Woody killing an Elk.. what?! (I apologize for they yuckiness in the picture... really sorry about that one)

A new for Woody and I.. a ChrIStMaS TrEe!! YAY! I got it for 50% on Black Friday, I am proud of my Christmas Tree, but embarrassed that it took me so long to own one.

Also during Thanksgiving weekend Woody and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!!

I seriously love this man SO MUCH! I could not ask for a better husband who is so patient, kind, forgiving and hilarious! He really is my everything and he completes me.

We went to Rodizio Grill and got STUFFED.. it was delicious and fun :)

OH yeah.. I promised Kid Quotes....

Miss Spence (teacher neighbor): OH B, look at you cleaning those lunch baskets you are such a trooper!
B: I'm not a storm trooper!! But those guys are really awesome.. I wouldn't mind being one 

Mrs. Palmer knocks over a stack of paper and walks away because I have to find something for a kid for lunch... and IMMEDIATELY my kids rush to pick up and put away the papers (I've trained them well).. 
While helping (and me NOT helping) one kid says: Oh! Mrs. Palmer just make the kids pick it up huh??

During our questions for our special student of the week (we call them "catch of the week") 
little boy: what do you have? like dish?
catch of the week: **confused face**
little boy: like you know.... dish ... or the other things?
catch of the week: OH! We have comcast
little boy: cool

We also wrote "Three Little Pig" stories from the wolves point of view, they were HILARIOUS!
Only one little girl wrote about the wolf eating the pigs and after eating the pigs he would tell them they were tasty :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Good day at school

Today was a traditional Monday morning... Me running around crazy wishing I had stayed later Friday afternoon. Hahah you would think I would learn my lesson... I never do! But my turned out to be great and I left school with my common thought of "man I have the best job ever!"  I truly am grateful that I am able to have that thought. So here are some goodies from today:

This girl sneezed...... And farted! It took a lot of self control on my part to not laugh and to continue on as if nothing had happened.  Don't worry I was giggling in my head.

One of my co-workers had a death in the family so my kids made her cards today. One little boy made the sweetest card on the planet.  It had a big smiley face on the front and on the back it said
"Be happy. Don't be sad. It's ok. It's a nice day outside. Smile. Play with your children. It'll be ok".
My heart. Melted.

We had a WONDERFUL math lesson filled with TONS of talking from my students! Love! I heard lots of
"I disagree with your answer"
"How did you do it."
"That doesn't make sense"
It truly is an accomplishment to get the kids to talk about their thinking

And of course B had many humorous moments today. My new favorite technique with him is if he interrupts me he is not allowed to ever tell me that story, he can't raise his hand to tell it, wait until I'm done talking to tell me.. Once he interrupts the story is gone! So his stories are precious and he is getting better at interrupting me ;)

Anyways I love them. They make me happy and they make the long hours at school and at home worth it :)

Feel free to be jealous of my job......... Or grateful you don't have to do it. However it works :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Festivities

My FABULOUS parents came up this weekend.  I just love it when they come to visit.  

My mom came in and told her spooky Halloween stories.  She seriously has the best CAcKlE that I've ever heard.  My kids called her "witch" the whole afternoon haha

I had one little boy who kept asking my mom how she made her poison.  He wanted to make it at home didn't really believe that it had "eyeballs, teeth, acid" etc.

 My dad was a SUPER star.  All of my kiddos wanted him to help them with drawing their monsters.  He's kinder than me and would help me.. I usually just tell them "I don't know how either!"

Saturday night we all dressed up and went to Heather's TrUnK Or tReAT.  I am so glad I have a family who is into HaLlOwEen, it's so fun!

Woody had multiple costumes on that evening.  He kept changing his "title"

Heather and I found these shirts at the DIsNeY stOrE that afternoon!! Holla to fitting into little kid's clothes

HEather and her two Princesses!

The Albright Family *snap snap*

Baby Oaklei Aurora

I honestly can't remember the last time Woody and I had such a normal   cute  picture of us taken

Towards the end of the evening Woody got a little picky as to who got to get candy when they came trick or treating!

Woody took his job of photographer very seriously...

OH yes!! This is what we usually look like for pictures

ShErRiff WoODy

 I promise he LovEs Me!

At the TrUnK OR TreAt there was a chili cook off.. YUM

We had such a fun weekend with the family.  Woody was able to take  RARE break from his homework and spent most of the time with us YAY ME :) I am so grateful for two amazing parents, for their examples to me as to how to have a fun and fulfilling life