Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Telling my students

Well life is CRAZY!!  School is busy (when isn't it busy?) and I'm... growing!!   I tried to buy me some new clothes last weekend and totally BOMBED!! I only found one Maxi skirt that I liked, so needless to say another shopping trip is coming my way.

I had my 20 week ultrasound appointment today!! Woody was able to  come with me and we loved looking at our little baby!! HE had some crazy legs, he gets that from me (it was my nickname in soccer).  And that's right I said HE

Woody and I are super excited to welcome Joseph Albright Palmer into our little family! We are calling him Baby J, it has a nice little ring to it :)

I left school for ultrasound today, so I decided today was the day to tell my kids about me being pregnant.  I LOVED telling them.  Seriously, their faces can't be any cuter on Christmas morning.  They were all SO excited.  They made me cry.  

They had lots of questions:
"will you still be our teacher?"
"can we see the baby?"
"what will you do with your baby?" 
and some AWESOME compliments: 
"you don't even look pregnant"
"I didn't even know!"

We graphed whether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl.  I had 14 students guess boy, and 10 students guess girl.  Then they told me some of their name choices.  

Some girl ones were
- Lilly
- Jane
- Haven
- Baby Palmer
- Pink
- Curly

Some boy names:
- Toby
- Jack 
- Owen
- Haden
- Donathen
- Mr. Palmer

Obviously some of them were better picks than others.  

Then after the ultrasound, I went back to school and told them it was a boy.  We looked at my ultrasound pictures and they all said, "aaaawwww, let's see him in real person!!"  They were so cute.  Then I told them his name would be Joseph, and I got quite the reaction, we have a Joseph in our class. Seriously, so. much. fun.

Unfortunately, the baby news was pure SUGAR to my students.  We did NOT have a productive day afterwards, but it's ok!

I have a nice big list of quotes from my students that I need to post, but unfortunately I don't have it with me, so I can only tell you the ones I remember:

We took a math test today, and 2 of my students were gone to a reading class.  After one of my little boys came back he said,
"oh you guys had to take a math test?? SUCKERS I was at reading! hahahaha"

Little boy: "Mrs. Palmer, you should be a witch, then I would pour water on you! Splash!!"