Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Week!

In a week I get to see this little Munchkin and her mommy!! YAHOOO I miss them so much! Kiki is going to be so big! Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Woody and I had the perfect day yesterday!!!!

I woke up early and read for a couple of hours before Wood woke up (which I LOVE reading!) Then we got ready and headed out for our soccer game!!

It was the co-ed Intramural final!!! We were pretty surprised to be in the finals. The game went into overtime and still no one was ahead so we won with the kick-offs!! We are officially CHAMPIONS we were pretty stoked, and got some sweet awesome shirts.

Afterwards the team went out and got some slurpees and listened to "We are the champions" by Queen in our court yard... ya we are THAT cool!

Then Wood and I headed to Seven Peaks, we got a pass for Seven Peaks and Trafalga so now we go for FREE!! We only ended up staying a couple hours. We mostly just swam in the lazy river, visited the wave pool and we each rode a ride. I chickened out on the original ride, it was just too steep for me! So my goal is to be able to go down it by the end of the summer... we'll see!!

It was just a wonderful day playing with Woody all day long!! For free too!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Last weekend I took Monday off and Woody and I went to Vegas and stayed in The Golden Nugget. We had so much fun!!

We drove down Friday night, and stayed at
my house. In the morning we played some frisbee golf, and I'm pretty sure Heidi and I won! ;) Then we hung out for a bit and checked in our hotel.

We were VIP! You had to have special access to get to our floor, and right outside the elevator were peanut M&Ms, nuts, jelly beans and fried fruit (SUH-WEET)! After checkin in we went and hoped into the pool and got to go down our sweet awesome slide that went through a shark tank WHAT?!

Saturday night we went to Freemont street, we saw lots of Elvis, show girls, spidermen, a
nd the painted people. I wanted to take pictures of them, but Woody said we had to give them a dollar. But the best part was that we got to go to a FREE concert. It was 80s and was so much fun! We loved it!! And so did a lot of older people who were very drunk haha too funny!

Sunday morning, we slept in WAY late, but that's ok because we were on vacation! And then we hung out by the pool and went down our slide some more.

Then we went and walked the strip that night. We went and saw the show at TI which is now totally lame, but we had a blast just walking with each other.

It was so much fun to be abel to go on a little vaca with my hubby!! I think Woody is kind of bored with not working or going to school, and I'm SO boring when I come home from work I usually just fall asleep so it was nice to spend more than 3 hours together before I fall asleep :)