Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby love

I have a post all planned out in my head about breast feeding. Do I like it? Or don't i? That is the question. For another post. 

But as I went to write it up my heart swelled with something else I wanted to express. 

My sweet little j is currently is snuggling on me and sleeping. Every now and then he'll tighten his grip on my shirt and snuggle his face into my chest. 

I cannot even describe how sweet these moments are for me. I just love my little baby more than I ever knew was possible. 

My house is currently a DISASTER. the picture doesn't even do it justice. But I am pretty content to just sit here and snuggle my sweet babe. 

I feel so blessed to have been given my J and to be his mommy. 

Can't wait for the years to come J baby! 😘

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day unlike any other

Our Memorial Day was like no one else's. I promise. 
Don'e believe me?

On Sunday I noticed that the carpet by our desk was damp. So I called woody over to check it out and he said "yup it's damp you must have spilt something". Awesome. Thanks for your confidence babe. 

Cooking dinner like this is harder than you'd think
After further investigation (I had to prove my innocence) we found out that our water heater was leaking! 

This one night Jbabe was WAY fussy.  So woody watched a movie while he rocked him to sleep

So woody put a towel by it then went back to whatever he was doing and I ......fretted. 

J has a new friend. He loves this giraffe because he can grab him and it makes some rattle noises.

Basically we had multiple conversations where woody reminded me that the reason I have 20 (ok really4) cold sores (4is a lot BTW) was because I stress about everything (1 is a lot honestly) and I needed to chillax cuz we couldn't do anything until Monday. 

J is practicing his shamu poses

So this morning we called the poor on call technician and he had to come fix our water heater. 

J was loving his first book

He was very nice and got us a new one cuz he said he didn't think this one would actually stop leaking all the way. 

And he called in the carpet people to come handle our carpet. So now j has all of the furniture in his room and we have a big fan in the kitchen area.

So no pool or BBQ for us.. (Which is ok considering I still need to buy j and me bathing suits) we spent our Memorial Day hanging out at the house... just laying around 

and lounging around  

And basically just hanging out 

while the guys fixed out stinking water heater.  Bet were going to have a sweet awesome water bill!!

And apparently we flooded our neighbors. Oops :/

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First mommy sick day

Yesterday I sent home 3 kids that were sick and I had 1 student already out because he was sick. And I thought to myself "oh crap. This can't be good". 

J LOVES holding my hair

After lunch today I felt a little off. And then I got worse and worse and worse. At 1:00 it got bad enough that I had to leave. 

J and his cousin Zoee had a photoshot in their matching outfits! They are going to be such good friends 

I definitely don't want to get my sweet baby J sick! So I've been banished to my room. Just me and Harry potter tonight

Jake is ready for J to play, but J isn't too sure yet

So I'm sitting in my room while woody has J in the family room. I can hear them talking to each other and am so sad to be missing even more smiles and sounds then I already do. 

I thought that was sad and then my baby started crying. And my heart just broke

J and his 2 buddies, Jack and Ender

I found myself with some mixed emotions.  It definitely did NOT sound fun to be in charge of the screaming baby when I feel like crap. But at the same time my screaming baby needs me!!! And to not be able to go and snuggle him was super sad. I am so glad that I have superman for a husband though.  Woody has been doing everything (for me and J) by himself tonight and hasn't complained one bit.

J likes to pretend he's a big boy in sleep in our bed

J is getting his shots tomorrow so I am supposed to take Thursday off, which means that I really need to go to school tomorrow. Here's to hoping that this flu goes away super super quick and I can make it to work tomorrow! Wish me luck 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby Announcement

This one day I made 3 baby announcements for my little man.  Woody didn't really like any of them. SO I kind of gave up and didn't print any and send any out.... this way works too right? They are in order of my favorite to least.  Enjoy!