Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First mommy sick day

Yesterday I sent home 3 kids that were sick and I had 1 student already out because he was sick. And I thought to myself "oh crap. This can't be good". 

J LOVES holding my hair

After lunch today I felt a little off. And then I got worse and worse and worse. At 1:00 it got bad enough that I had to leave. 

J and his cousin Zoee had a photoshot in their matching outfits! They are going to be such good friends 

I definitely don't want to get my sweet baby J sick! So I've been banished to my room. Just me and Harry potter tonight

Jake is ready for J to play, but J isn't too sure yet

So I'm sitting in my room while woody has J in the family room. I can hear them talking to each other and am so sad to be missing even more smiles and sounds then I already do. 

I thought that was sad and then my baby started crying. And my heart just broke

J and his 2 buddies, Jack and Ender

I found myself with some mixed emotions.  It definitely did NOT sound fun to be in charge of the screaming baby when I feel like crap. But at the same time my screaming baby needs me!!! And to not be able to go and snuggle him was super sad. I am so glad that I have superman for a husband though.  Woody has been doing everything (for me and J) by himself tonight and hasn't complained one bit.

J likes to pretend he's a big boy in sleep in our bed

J is getting his shots tomorrow so I am supposed to take Thursday off, which means that I really need to go to school tomorrow. Here's to hoping that this flu goes away super super quick and I can make it to work tomorrow! Wish me luck 

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