Friday, September 11, 2009

Ultimate Photoshoot

Woody was not excited for us to go and take the pictures... what guy is?! However, thanks to Kelly we did not take a very long time and he actually enjoyed taking them. Kelly did a beautiful job on the pictures, we absolutely love them. There are so many, these are just a select FEW of the many pictures we have!! Picking them out for our invitations is definitely a difficult job!

The Ultimate Photo Shoot

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Before Woody and I were even officially officially engaged (only thing missing was the ring) I found my dress and bought it! We were lucky and found it at about the end of June, when we ordered it they said it would get in around the second week of October... talk about a slow boat from China, Hello! but a blessing from the Lord and it arrived early! My parents picked up the dress on their way back from Idaho and I got to try it on last night. When we bought the dress they didn't have my size, so they measured me and ordered it from there. I was so ecstatic when I tried it on to find that it fit perfectly and looked even more beautiful than before (lack of clunky clips definitely helped!!) Sorry I can't post a picture.. have to build up the anxious excitement for when you get to see it in real life!

I also received my tiara (really a very sparkly and beautiful headband) at the same time. To my dismay, it did not fit as I remembered. The tiara has two bands two that are separate so they have hair in the middle and are supposed to lay flat on my head. When it was on, the band in the back stood up a little bit and I didn't really like it. I brought the tiara back to my apartment and showed Woody and explained what happened. Here is a great example of how our relationship works... I put the tiara on and Woody chuckled a little and said you put it on back wards. When I flipped the tiara so the band in the back was now in the front it fit just as I remembered. I am so grateful for Woody who always has a clear head when I am stressed and can chuckle and tell me when I am just not seeing the whole picture. I would definitely be lost without him and a total stress ball! I cannot wait until we are sealed for time and all eternity!!