Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I have failed my mother

Oh... HEY!  How's your life? How's my life?? Oh... you know.... How am I supposed to answer the question of "how are you" anyways?  Exhausted.  Grumpy.  Fat.  Impatient.  Hungry.  nauseated.  cramps? contractions? sore everywhere.  Lazy.    Do you really want to know? Or should I stick with my normal reply DOING GREAT!! Its what they like to hear at school.... they like to be reassured I'm coming in tomorrow ;)

But Baby J and I are progressing.. in lots of ways.  Here we are at 35 weeks.  Some people say things like "oh.. you are so small for 38 weeks" and other people say "oh boy I don't think you can pop out any more"... I think that I agree with the second

I honestly look at my belly and think how on earth did I stretch that much???

Baby room has progressed!! Ta da! Looking good right?? 

 I have progressed from a list of what to bring to the hospital to a pile of some things that are coming with us AND a list.  That's as good as it gets right? Because everything else is last minute things and I'm definitely not wanting to put it all in a bag and take it out everyday for the next 3 weeks.. belch... because we all know I'm going over right??

More progression to 37 weeks! Can you tell that my belly bands no longer go all the way?? Hah

Progression??? WELL it might not look like it.. but it is! Woody and I wanted to paint the dresser so he painted it for us on his day off!! SO even though the room is looking less finished it's actually more finished... we are pretty tricksy like that

WOW. What a foot... I made the picture smaller for you because who wants a foot in their face?! BUT check out that indent? Sweet huh??? The joys of parent teacher conferences...

AND more progression to 38 weeks.  My cheeks have progressed to the point that a fish face is more attractive than a smile... I've always had chubby cheeks and they just seem to want to really shine now!

And in case you are wondering how I have failed my mother, the above picture gives you a hint... Let's take a walk down memory lane to explain:

Once upon a time I was in high school.  And I decided that I no longer cared about getting ready in the morning so I wore sweats EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Not cute ones either. I looked pretty grungy... people were worried.

Especially my mom. 

So for Christmas that year, she bought me lots of cute, fitting, matching sweat outfits.  And I happily wore those from then on.

SO every now and then I go back to my old ways and not really get dressed, and wear boy sweats and my poor mom just shakes her head and thinks, "what happened to my child?" "where did I go wrong?" "why can't she just dress cute????"

BUT I have really failed at this point in my pregnancy.  The only sweats that fit nicely are... WOODY'S.  And as I am sure you can imagine they don't like fabulous on me.  Also my favorite shirts at the time... WOODY'S.  I seriously don't get dressed on the weekends and I wish I could get away with wearing sweats to school..

if I could, I would.

So I'm sorry mom.  But I have made my way back to boy sweats.

I'm that pregnant woman.

You know the one you see in the store and you think... Really? really? You think it's ok to wear that in public?

Yes people, I really think it's OK

Ok.. I don't think it is, but I just don't care anymore

Friday, February 7, 2014

A spoiled Baby

SHOWER TIME! (Can you name that movie? It has a 'she's' in the title and 'man')

Woody and I (and Baby J) are officially spoiled.  We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have received so much from all of our friends and family! Baby J is super thankful too, because now he has blankies and he won't have to be naked the first couple weeks of his life. 

Well it has been quite the week.  I believe I got food poisoning twice in one week... or I had a flu that gives you 24 hour semi relief.... either way two really miserable nights (with a day in-between) accompanied by a.. 
"oh crap is this baby coming?" moment.

But we survived.  I was checked and double checked, no signs of labor coming any time soon. We did have some lasting affects (or effects, I can't ever remember):

1. a bossy Woody - he won't let me eat anything
2. a freaked out Amy - I'm terrified of getting sick again.. seriously it was a traumatic experience... twice
3. a fabulous cold that has developed from lack of sleep and stressful situations AND germy kids
4. I fixed the germy kids part... we cleaned EVERYTHING at school today.

Now we are at the 'point of no return' or so my doctor says.  He says that from here on out if Baby J decides he's coming out then we are letting him come out..... good?

So... now I just have to decide what my real feelings are.
 Because part of me wants him to come out now please because boy am I done or what?! 
BUT he needs to cook a little longer and develop more brain power....
BUT I really am sick of my amazingly awesome big belly.....
BUT my maternity substitute hasn't started yet so I'm not ready to leave my classroom just yet..... BUT my small wardrobe is getting even smaller, what am I going to wear in the coming weeks...
AND my back/bum hurt all the time and I am constantly sitting on a heat pad to feel better
BUT I am just not sure if we are ready for a baby.. but we are ready for a baby

I apologize for the lack of humor in the blog today... my brain has been fuzzed and my wittiness seems to be inaccessible behind all of my snot..... sorry I said snot.

Woody did come down with me to Vegas for the shower.. I wouldn't go without him.  I love being home with the family and the warm weather, it was definitely not a long enough trip!

My lovely mommy and sister.. unfortunately Heather was sick with the flu and couldn't make it down :( BUMMER DUDE

I had so much more that I wanted to say but I can remember a thing so ......


Except I did remember a funny thing Woody said, he was washing baby J's clothes and had some missing sock friends and he got a panic look/voice and said,
"we don't even have a baby yet and he's already missing socks!!!!"