Sunday, April 21, 2013


So... I'm alive!!! Yahoo  

2013 has been FABULOUS.  Lots of fun things happening.  Let's start with DISNEYLAND

Major props go to my sweet husband.  Who took me to Disneyland for 3 whole days!! Let's just say that if he had it his way he would do Disney in 1 day, and his cup would be overflowing.  Yeah, he loves me

(excuse the fact that my pictures are out of order and I did not have the patience needed to fix them.)

The first night in California we spent in Downtown Disney.  Heidi and I were pretty anxious to get going and may have contemplated buying a ticket to get into the parks for the night!

Our first day was spent mostly  in California Adventure.  We loved the new CarsLand. Our favorite ride was definitely Radiator Springs.  The line was horrendous.  But going in the single riders line usually helped.  I think we rode that ride 4-5 times on our trip.  

Seeing 'Bugs Life'. 

Radiator Springs!

Friday morning we used our Early morning ticket.  The park was so empty it was BEAUTIFUL! 

 I loved having the time to spend with Heidi.  I can't believe it's almost time for her mission!

 On our second day we took a break from Disney and went out to lunch with my parents. We had lunch by the beach and Woody was very grateful to get out of Disneyland.

We loved Splash Mountain!! I think that I got the wettest on the ride, which was unfortunate  really fun.

Fast passes onto Radiator Springs!!

I couldn't have asked for a more patient husband on this trip.  He said we could do anything I wanted atleast once. I was in heaven.  He even let us go on all the little kid rides in FantasyLand. 

Matching on our last day in Disney!! We ended up leaving around 8:00.  Heidi and I were prepared for an all nighter.  But my parents were exhausted and Woody had his fill of Disney so we ended early when we could end on a good note.