Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My husband doing his dance to show off his new coat :)

All the girls
Adam and Bina
The Wongs... what a snuggle bug


Woody and I have been married for one month as of Monday and it has gone by sooo fast!! We are settled into our new home, and we were able to immediately decorate for Christmas as we moved in, so we don't really know what the finish product is just yet, but right now it's pretty cute. We have both finished the semester thankfully, it was a tough one for both Woody and I. However, he had it easy with finals seeing as how it was done Monday afternoon and mine went until Friday yuck!! Woody also ended work on Saturday since his missionaries left for Greece so he has had a VERY relaxing week playing with his family and running some errands. on monday to celebrate our anniversary we went to Olive Garden and then made our Gingerbread house! WE love bering married and are so grateful to have one another and most especially to come home to one another.

Last Saturday we went to Temple Square with Jordan Heather and baby kakes and adam and my old roommate sabrina. It was tons of fun.. The most fun was how, wonderful? woody and I are at taking pictures and how much Heather just loved it here is an example of us wanting to take a cute picture...

This is Woody's first idea of a good picture pose

Then he decided that this would be extremely romantic...

And this is us laughing as Heather is getting mad at us for our lack of cooperation

And our final picture at this spot before Heather gave up on us.

We were lucky sometimes and got a good one :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


So it's been a while since we have posted because we have been busy busy busy!!! The wedding went perfect and it was beautiful thank you to all who helped and celebrated our day with us and made it the perfect wedding day!! We will post pictures after we get them back from the photographer.

After the wedding Woody and I spend 3 nights at an all inclusive resort in Cancun!! It was so nice and the water was so warm, the weather was great, we got rained on one day but we spent the rainy day out on the town. There was a delicious coconut ice cream at the buffet that woody ate after most meals and i thoroughly enjoyed the delicious free pina-coladas! We went to a mexican restaurant one night, john wayne themed! and then to french one as well. It was a great vacation.. We went back up to Utah and have been busily moving into our house and getting back to school and work... sooooo tiring!!! But we love being married and are excited for the upcoming holidays!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Temple and first Wedding Reception

On Saturday we had a busy busy fun filled day. First we all went to the Oaker Mountain Temple where I was able to take out my endowments. It was a wonderful experience and so great to have my family and Woody's family there with us. We are so grateful for all of them and the wonderful example they are. Afterwards my parents took us out to Carls Jr yum!!! We tried to go to Olive Garden, however, due to weather we settled for Carls Jr and it was a lot of fun
After the tempe Woody and I had our first wedding reception in Alpine. The reception turned out beautiful and was lots of fun. We got a little worried when the snow started but it melted and everything was great! Thanks to everyone who made it possible and for all their hard work!
Afterwards we went to our soon to be apartment and opened presents!! The day was lots of fun, but we were a little sad to go home alone and single still.... good thing only one week left!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The countdown begins

So we are getting down to the final days and we are so excited!! Today we are at 11 days and are getting so stinking excited. Over the weekend Woody and I went down and purchased our marriage license. This was funny, because they had actually moved the courthouse so we were walking away from the old one to the general direction of the new one when a cab driver pulled us over and asked if we were heading to the marriage license we said yes and he politely gave us directions... then we walked into the court house the police officer asked if we were getting our marriage license.. yes, and he pointed us to go a little bit farther AND THEN as we are walking we are approached by someone who asked if we already had our chapel picked out because he had flyers for one..... so i guess we are just so in love that people can automatically tell we are getting married :) or we are two young people walking around, holding hands, and looking lost, woody smacking my butt probably gave it away...

On sunday when we came home we moved in our presents from the Bridal showers (thanks so much everyone!!) It was so exciting to start moving in to our soon to be new apartment and get the keys! It's almost official!! These next two weeks will be busy but fun, this Thursday Woody's friend Kurt is getting married, we both have to move our stuff into the apartment, school, and the reception this weekend!! Very very exciting times

Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Year Anniversary

So on Saturday Woody and I hit our one year mark of dating! Which is kind of interesting because.. we met really in September and as most of you know, didn't really hit it off. The week of the 34th (last year was a friday) we had hung out a lot had a few not so good things happen, like the whole ditching out on dates, but then on Friday is when we went to a haunted house and i snuggled with woody, so when I asked him (a while ago) when we started dating, he picked this date! However, at the time I was unaware that we were dating, and as such it took a few weeks before I stopped mysteriously disappearing from Woody and going on dates... nonetheless ONE WHOLE YEAR!! And only four more weeks before we get married! I'm so grateful for Woody for who he is and how much I love him!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We love to bowl!

It's been a while since we've updated, so I decided it was time!! Woody and I have just been going crazy lately. A couple weeks ago he had a mission buddy and his wife, sister and brother in law come and stay with him for a few days which he just loved!!! Then his sister Kortni and her two boys came down for his parents' birthdays which was lots of fun to see them again. I've been down to vegas twice, once for my bridal shower, and the second time for Elise Kelly's bridal shower and my bridals and also to see Heidi go to her first homecoming!!! Woody and I are both working hard and hardly working! The other day we went bowling! Bowling was our first group activity together, and the first time I asked Woody out on a date! Woody is great and me not so much but I did amazing the first game we played this time, I broke 100!! And woody got like an 88... the next round looked more like our usual scores with Woody easily breaking 100 and me getting like 60ish, I'm not the best

We went with my Natalie!! This is the first semester since I have been at BYU that I do not live with her and I miss her!

And also his cousin Zach... he's a character

A couple weeks before we went bowling Woody and I went and got his yogurt that I owed him from last October!!! From our second bowling match.. I bet him yogurt and of course he won, unfortunately he didn't get his prize for a while..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ultimate Photoshoot

Woody was not excited for us to go and take the pictures... what guy is?! However, thanks to Kelly we did not take a very long time and he actually enjoyed taking them. Kelly did a beautiful job on the pictures, we absolutely love them. There are so many, these are just a select FEW of the many pictures we have!! Picking them out for our invitations is definitely a difficult job!

The Ultimate Photo Shoot