Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Woody and I have been married for one month as of Monday and it has gone by sooo fast!! We are settled into our new home, and we were able to immediately decorate for Christmas as we moved in, so we don't really know what the finish product is just yet, but right now it's pretty cute. We have both finished the semester thankfully, it was a tough one for both Woody and I. However, he had it easy with finals seeing as how it was done Monday afternoon and mine went until Friday yuck!! Woody also ended work on Saturday since his missionaries left for Greece so he has had a VERY relaxing week playing with his family and running some errands. on monday to celebrate our anniversary we went to Olive Garden and then made our Gingerbread house! WE love bering married and are so grateful to have one another and most especially to come home to one another.

Last Saturday we went to Temple Square with Jordan Heather and baby kakes and adam and my old roommate sabrina. It was tons of fun.. The most fun was how, wonderful? woody and I are at taking pictures and how much Heather just loved it here is an example of us wanting to take a cute picture...

This is Woody's first idea of a good picture pose

Then he decided that this would be extremely romantic...

And this is us laughing as Heather is getting mad at us for our lack of cooperation

And our final picture at this spot before Heather gave up on us.

We were lucky sometimes and got a good one :)

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