Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bye Bye Kindergarten

Thursday was my last day in Kindergarten, and I must admit I miss my little Kindergartners already!! THey definitely kept me on my toes with their crazy energy that I loved!!

This is my Afternoon class. They are so cute :) They were a little more wild than my morning class but still fun. As I look at the picture I think of all the funny memories I have of each student, I'm so grateful that I got to get to know them!
Here is my morning class! Ah so cute!
I will also miss seeing this crazy lady everyday!! I loved being at the same school as Shani and seeing here in the morning and at lunch, borrowing books from her and asking her for other help. Sadly this is her last year teaching so I'm glad we had our small teaching together moment :)
Now it is on to second grade!! I am excited to see what this will hold for me and I'm sure I'll just love my new kids just as much :) I'm grateful for the chance to work with the students everyday they make my job fun!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Kindergartners view on the world

In kindergarten we've been talking about maps (because it's something we need to teach) and also about the President (because of President's Day). And we've had some funny things come up.

Me: "So, Utah is our state, and we all live in Utah".
Kids: "No we don't we live in Mapleton"
Me: "That is our city, but your state is Utah. So we all live in Utah"
Kids: "Pierce doesn't live in Utah, cuz he lives in Springville"

Me: "Who is our President?"
Kids: "Thomas Monson!!"

Me: "Remind me who is our President?"
Kids: "A-rock Obama"

Me: "What is our president in charge of?"
Kids: "The whole world!!!"

Once we got the Utah thing we moved to United States of America...
Me: your country is America
Kids: No it isn't it's Utah!

O kids they are soo funny

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Always remember to have a little fun!!

So it is a given fact that my afteernoon class is a lot more rowdy and restless than my morning class. I have lessons that go GREAT in the morning and then totally fall apart when I try to recreate them in the afternoon. Sadly, today was definitely one of those hard days in the afternoon when the kids were oh so squirrely I just did not even know what to do. So we went to recess a little earlier than expected, Trust me they needed it!!

Math lesson after recess went better, it definitely helps them to go run around outside and get out their wiggles!! But after that we read a new book, it's about a Pirate who is going to a Pirate Feast, and uses a map to find his way.

Any ways we just had fun pretending to be pirates, talking about how they look, what they do. And after we read the book (which has a repeating song, that the kids LOVED to sing with me) we made a map to find the treasure that I lost. and I'll admit the map got a little silly we did stop at a stop sign to do the rock and roll, but hey we needed it! So we made a very fun map and we are half way finished with and I am excited to continue on Thursday!.

But after struggling with them all day, it was nice to be reminded of how much I truly do love working with the kids. And honestly truly, if they aren't paying attention to the lesson, it's because I didn't make it good enough. So they always keep me on my feet but I'm grateful for the moments of fun that I am able to enjoy with them!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random photos

These are some photos that I found that I never uploaded :)

This one is from the JAzz game that Tina bought us tickets to. We had way good seats and loved it!!

This is Woody dancing Kherrington.. just so you know the part of her sweater that looks like another hand is a hood... He's so good with kids I'm very blessed
This is us at Trafalga doing mini golfing (glow in the dark!!) IT was lots of fun. The only problem was that it was way packed so we waited a lot. But still loved it

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life as I know it

I love school. Teaching Kindergarten is tons of fun!! It is definitely challenging at times, and sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record I repeat myself so much, but I love the students. I feel like I always have funnny stories, but I could only think of a few

- I was doing my last test on my unit I had to plan and teach and test to graduate :) and I told the students that they couldn't talk because I wanted to know what they knew and not what their neighbors knew. So after I'd given my students a few warnings, a little boy was talking and I told him to put his name tag on the board (means he has to take home a yellow card). So a few minutes later he said to me, " Mrs. Palmer, I take getting a yellow card very seriously"
And then after we were done I said I was so proud of how quiet everyone was and the same little boy said, "That's because we take this very seriously Mrs. Palmer" hahahah

- We have a love triangle going on right now. We have three sets of twins, but right now we have a little boy who is liking one particular set. We'll call the twins Heather and Shani (just for fun) so the boy was holding hands with Heather on Thursdaty and then on Friday it looked like something that had happened between him and Heather because he was holding hands with Shani haha. I had thought I was so smart but tellin Heather and the little boy to sit apart Friday morning but then Shani sat next to him, and the next thing I knew they were holding hands!! Poor Heather, it looks like they might have issues stealing eachother's boyfriends in the future.

- Sometimes when we move transitions I have them walk like different people. I made a mistake one time and asked my students to walk like secret agents, I had students crawling under desks, hiding behind things and it took way too long to get to the carpet haha, that one was definitely nixed

As for work, I'm a "glorified telemarketer" as my co-worker calls us. The only difference is that we call people who have given at one point and not just everyone we could find in the phone book. BUT it's pretty tough, and now I appreciate why Woody had such a hard summer when he went selling. If you start off with a bunch of refusals, it's impossible to get the confidence up and have a goodnight. It's definitely not my favorite but it is helping to pay the bills :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're painting the roses red

I didn't actually paint roses
Nor did I paint anything red
And really I didn't do any painting at all

BUT my little apartment did get painted today. I suppose it was nice of the apartment people to paint our house.
But I don't really like the smell it left (it gives me a headache), and the ginormous MESS is also not appreciated.
plus the fact that it's like 4 degrees outside, means that my house will now be freezing since I opened the windows to air it out

but my walls are sparkly White :)

On a side note: I begin my lead teaching (meaning only I will teach) next week and I am pretty excited! Hopefully the class doesn't turn into total chaos, fingers crossed!