Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Always remember to have a little fun!!

So it is a given fact that my afteernoon class is a lot more rowdy and restless than my morning class. I have lessons that go GREAT in the morning and then totally fall apart when I try to recreate them in the afternoon. Sadly, today was definitely one of those hard days in the afternoon when the kids were oh so squirrely I just did not even know what to do. So we went to recess a little earlier than expected, Trust me they needed it!!

Math lesson after recess went better, it definitely helps them to go run around outside and get out their wiggles!! But after that we read a new book, it's about a Pirate who is going to a Pirate Feast, and uses a map to find his way.

Any ways we just had fun pretending to be pirates, talking about how they look, what they do. And after we read the book (which has a repeating song, that the kids LOVED to sing with me) we made a map to find the treasure that I lost. and I'll admit the map got a little silly we did stop at a stop sign to do the rock and roll, but hey we needed it! So we made a very fun map and we are half way finished with and I am excited to continue on Thursday!.

But after struggling with them all day, it was nice to be reminded of how much I truly do love working with the kids. And honestly truly, if they aren't paying attention to the lesson, it's because I didn't make it good enough. So they always keep me on my feet but I'm grateful for the moments of fun that I am able to enjoy with them!

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