Friday, February 18, 2011

A Kindergartners view on the world

In kindergarten we've been talking about maps (because it's something we need to teach) and also about the President (because of President's Day). And we've had some funny things come up.

Me: "So, Utah is our state, and we all live in Utah".
Kids: "No we don't we live in Mapleton"
Me: "That is our city, but your state is Utah. So we all live in Utah"
Kids: "Pierce doesn't live in Utah, cuz he lives in Springville"

Me: "Who is our President?"
Kids: "Thomas Monson!!"

Me: "Remind me who is our President?"
Kids: "A-rock Obama"

Me: "What is our president in charge of?"
Kids: "The whole world!!!"

Once we got the Utah thing we moved to United States of America...
Me: your country is America
Kids: No it isn't it's Utah!

O kids they are soo funny

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