Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life as I know it

I love school. Teaching Kindergarten is tons of fun!! It is definitely challenging at times, and sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record I repeat myself so much, but I love the students. I feel like I always have funnny stories, but I could only think of a few

- I was doing my last test on my unit I had to plan and teach and test to graduate :) and I told the students that they couldn't talk because I wanted to know what they knew and not what their neighbors knew. So after I'd given my students a few warnings, a little boy was talking and I told him to put his name tag on the board (means he has to take home a yellow card). So a few minutes later he said to me, " Mrs. Palmer, I take getting a yellow card very seriously"
And then after we were done I said I was so proud of how quiet everyone was and the same little boy said, "That's because we take this very seriously Mrs. Palmer" hahahah

- We have a love triangle going on right now. We have three sets of twins, but right now we have a little boy who is liking one particular set. We'll call the twins Heather and Shani (just for fun) so the boy was holding hands with Heather on Thursdaty and then on Friday it looked like something that had happened between him and Heather because he was holding hands with Shani haha. I had thought I was so smart but tellin Heather and the little boy to sit apart Friday morning but then Shani sat next to him, and the next thing I knew they were holding hands!! Poor Heather, it looks like they might have issues stealing eachother's boyfriends in the future.

- Sometimes when we move transitions I have them walk like different people. I made a mistake one time and asked my students to walk like secret agents, I had students crawling under desks, hiding behind things and it took way too long to get to the carpet haha, that one was definitely nixed

As for work, I'm a "glorified telemarketer" as my co-worker calls us. The only difference is that we call people who have given at one point and not just everyone we could find in the phone book. BUT it's pretty tough, and now I appreciate why Woody had such a hard summer when he went selling. If you start off with a bunch of refusals, it's impossible to get the confidence up and have a goodnight. It's definitely not my favorite but it is helping to pay the bills :)

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  1. hahha that is soo mean of shani to steal heathers boyfriend tell her that is not nice