Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bye Bye Kindergarten

Thursday was my last day in Kindergarten, and I must admit I miss my little Kindergartners already!! THey definitely kept me on my toes with their crazy energy that I loved!!

This is my Afternoon class. They are so cute :) They were a little more wild than my morning class but still fun. As I look at the picture I think of all the funny memories I have of each student, I'm so grateful that I got to get to know them!
Here is my morning class! Ah so cute!
I will also miss seeing this crazy lady everyday!! I loved being at the same school as Shani and seeing here in the morning and at lunch, borrowing books from her and asking her for other help. Sadly this is her last year teaching so I'm glad we had our small teaching together moment :)
Now it is on to second grade!! I am excited to see what this will hold for me and I'm sure I'll just love my new kids just as much :) I'm grateful for the chance to work with the students everyday they make my job fun!!!

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  1. Great picture of me! Come on, that's the best you had? Anyway I miss seeing you all the time too, it stinks you had to switch schools but I'm glad we got those two months together. I hope you enjoy your second grade adventure. I loved mine!!