Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big brother

You know I'm pregnant because I stop blogging! Because you know you get pregnant and you're so excited and then you start to get sick and all of a sudden NOTHING gets done....

I must say it is pretty tricky to be working and a mom and pregnant. Unfortunately by the time I get home I only have energy for one thing instead of the ten that used to get done. So of course I choose to play with J and dishes, cleaning, laundry and dinner just doesn't happen anymore! 

Poor J man can't seem to stay healthy. It seems we only have one healthy week inbetween multiple sick weeks in a row. 

He always ends up in bed with us when he's not feeling well. So that means he sleeps with us more often not! Which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to sleep on my neck haha but I do enjoy my snuggles with my little love. He truly is my joy and I would do anything for this little man of mine. 

I actually think I was more excited when I got pregnant this time than I was with j... Well maybe just different excited. I'm just really excited to have and love another little human as much as I love J. I'm excited to watch J with a sibling and for them to be buddies! And I'm super excited to not be pregnant anymore (is it too early to start my countdown?) 

One of the hardest things about pregnancy for me is the negative attitude that I get. It's the weirdest feeling to not feel like yourself! To be so grumpy and moody and to have to try so hard to be positive. It's a real bummer. And of course it makes the sickness and tiredness and aches of pregnancy that much worse!!! 

But I have a good life and am super blessed. I'm so grateful for J and the love and joy he brings into our home and I'm grateful for a husband who doesn't get mad when our house is a disaster! And I am super grateful for our new little babe!

Here's to the pretend smiles until they are real!