Monday, November 24, 2014

A little update

I love my life and my especially my cute little pirate!! 

J went to his first birthday party! His cousin turned 1! They will be good friends when they grow up

I'm Teaching my little J man to love to read!! The teacher in me can't help it. He is super good at turning the pages when asked!! Makes me smile every time he does it. But mostly he thinks they are fun toys... Progress

J has decided he wants to feed himself. Looks like he is really good at it don't Ya think?? He only eats a little baby food he likes things he can pick up way more!

As always he's a little monster!!! He gets around EVERYWHERE. he keeps us busy and Woody and I love it!!

Sadly it looks like J has gotten my super amazing immune system. AKA he's sick all the time!! It breaks my heart when he's sick. And the worst part is trying to decide if he's sick enough for me to stay home. Sigh... Times like these I have to remind myself that I love my job and am happy to help support my family. 

As always being a mommy is the best!