Sunday, November 15, 2009

Temple and first Wedding Reception

On Saturday we had a busy busy fun filled day. First we all went to the Oaker Mountain Temple where I was able to take out my endowments. It was a wonderful experience and so great to have my family and Woody's family there with us. We are so grateful for all of them and the wonderful example they are. Afterwards my parents took us out to Carls Jr yum!!! We tried to go to Olive Garden, however, due to weather we settled for Carls Jr and it was a lot of fun
After the tempe Woody and I had our first wedding reception in Alpine. The reception turned out beautiful and was lots of fun. We got a little worried when the snow started but it melted and everything was great! Thanks to everyone who made it possible and for all their hard work!
Afterwards we went to our soon to be apartment and opened presents!! The day was lots of fun, but we were a little sad to go home alone and single still.... good thing only one week left!


  1. we had tons of fun with you guys this weekend!! We love you both so much and cannot wait til the wedding day! i know that things will turn out perfectly we cannot wait for woody to come into our family!! you guys look great together! love u!

  2. yay!!! So close!!! That's so fun that you guys got to open some presents now :D That's the best part! ha ha Can't wait to see you ina week at your beautiful wedding :D