Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The countdown begins

So we are getting down to the final days and we are so excited!! Today we are at 11 days and are getting so stinking excited. Over the weekend Woody and I went down and purchased our marriage license. This was funny, because they had actually moved the courthouse so we were walking away from the old one to the general direction of the new one when a cab driver pulled us over and asked if we were heading to the marriage license we said yes and he politely gave us directions... then we walked into the court house the police officer asked if we were getting our marriage license.. yes, and he pointed us to go a little bit farther AND THEN as we are walking we are approached by someone who asked if we already had our chapel picked out because he had flyers for one..... so i guess we are just so in love that people can automatically tell we are getting married :) or we are two young people walking around, holding hands, and looking lost, woody smacking my butt probably gave it away...

On sunday when we came home we moved in our presents from the Bridal showers (thanks so much everyone!!) It was so exciting to start moving in to our soon to be new apartment and get the keys! It's almost official!! These next two weeks will be busy but fun, this Thursday Woody's friend Kurt is getting married, we both have to move our stuff into the apartment, school, and the reception this weekend!! Very very exciting times


  1. yay!!! I'm so excited for you guys :) Yeah, getting your marriage license is an exciting thing to do :) Thankfully Sean knew where to go, but a lot of people stopped us along the way ha ha I love the people out front with all the flyers and asking you where you're getting married and stuff... I actually took some flyers just for fun ha ha

  2. i do believe u forgot to mention one important event...ur taking ur endowments out this weekend! we are so excited for u and woody and cannot wait for the wedding!! we love u guys lots!! but we are not excited for u moving forever and a day away!