Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Year Anniversary

So on Saturday Woody and I hit our one year mark of dating! Which is kind of interesting because.. we met really in September and as most of you know, didn't really hit it off. The week of the 34th (last year was a friday) we had hung out a lot had a few not so good things happen, like the whole ditching out on dates, but then on Friday is when we went to a haunted house and i snuggled with woody, so when I asked him (a while ago) when we started dating, he picked this date! However, at the time I was unaware that we were dating, and as such it took a few weeks before I stopped mysteriously disappearing from Woody and going on dates... nonetheless ONE WHOLE YEAR!! And only four more weeks before we get married! I'm so grateful for Woody for who he is and how much I love him!!


  1. congrats you guys!!! ONe year mark of dating is a fun day :) Sean and I got married just a few days after our one year mark. We got your invitation this past week--beautiful!! I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. yay amy and woody--one year!! so close to the wedding, so much still to you guys!

  3. Cute Blog you guys! Can't wait for your wedding! You guys too cute!