Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We love to bowl!

It's been a while since we've updated, so I decided it was time!! Woody and I have just been going crazy lately. A couple weeks ago he had a mission buddy and his wife, sister and brother in law come and stay with him for a few days which he just loved!!! Then his sister Kortni and her two boys came down for his parents' birthdays which was lots of fun to see them again. I've been down to vegas twice, once for my bridal shower, and the second time for Elise Kelly's bridal shower and my bridals and also to see Heidi go to her first homecoming!!! Woody and I are both working hard and hardly working! The other day we went bowling! Bowling was our first group activity together, and the first time I asked Woody out on a date! Woody is great and me not so much but I did amazing the first game we played this time, I broke 100!! And woody got like an 88... the next round looked more like our usual scores with Woody easily breaking 100 and me getting like 60ish, I'm not the best

We went with my Natalie!! This is the first semester since I have been at BYU that I do not live with her and I miss her!

And also his cousin Zach... he's a character

A couple weeks before we went bowling Woody and I went and got his yogurt that I owed him from last October!!! From our second bowling match.. I bet him yogurt and of course he won, unfortunately he didn't get his prize for a while..


  1. fun post cute pics!! at least you beat woody the first time, go amy! love you guys!

  2. hahaha least he knows prizes take time! love u guys

  3. I love bowling...but I am absolutely TERRIBLE! Looks like you guys had a good time :)