Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life + Kid Quotes

Well Ladies and Gentleman... The Time HAS ARRIVED!!! It's officially..........

Christmas season!!! Woot  Woot.  I am pretty darn excited.  But let's RECAP about ThaNkSgiVIng shall we??

Momma and Pappa Albright came into town with big brother Adam and his adorable new girlfriend, Emily.

Thanksgiving was filled with the usual of....

BLacK FriDAy Shopping!

Yeah.. two big screen TV's.. we don't mess!

Family Time!!

And some NEW things such as:

Mom being moved to sit at the kid table.. We all knew it was only a matter of time...

And Woody killing an Elk.. what?! (I apologize for they yuckiness in the picture... really sorry about that one)

A new for Woody and I.. a ChrIStMaS TrEe!! YAY! I got it for 50% on Black Friday, I am proud of my Christmas Tree, but embarrassed that it took me so long to own one.

Also during Thanksgiving weekend Woody and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!!

I seriously love this man SO MUCH! I could not ask for a better husband who is so patient, kind, forgiving and hilarious! He really is my everything and he completes me.

We went to Rodizio Grill and got STUFFED.. it was delicious and fun :)

OH yeah.. I promised Kid Quotes....

Miss Spence (teacher neighbor): OH B, look at you cleaning those lunch baskets you are such a trooper!
B: I'm not a storm trooper!! But those guys are really awesome.. I wouldn't mind being one 

Mrs. Palmer knocks over a stack of paper and walks away because I have to find something for a kid for lunch... and IMMEDIATELY my kids rush to pick up and put away the papers (I've trained them well).. 
While helping (and me NOT helping) one kid says: Oh! Mrs. Palmer just make the kids pick it up huh??

During our questions for our special student of the week (we call them "catch of the week") 
little boy: what do you have? like dish?
catch of the week: **confused face**
little boy: like you know.... dish ... or the other things?
catch of the week: OH! We have comcast
little boy: cool

We also wrote "Three Little Pig" stories from the wolves point of view, they were HILARIOUS!
Only one little girl wrote about the wolf eating the pigs and after eating the pigs he would tell them they were tasty :)

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