Sunday, September 2, 2012

New School Year!

School has begun!! And it is very exciting!! The week before school started we came in for meetings and to work in our classrooms.. this is what our meetings looked like, I love working at an Elementary School

I switched my classroom up this year, got rid of my desk, added a writing station, a bigger library, and got a computer for the kids to use!! I really like this lay out of my room a lot better!! And am loving it so far

This is where I put the student of the week's pictures

This is my classroom on Back to school night.  I had 11 students not come!! Holy Moly!

Woody came in and helped me set up this bulletin board.. he's such a sweetie

This is what my kiddos drew on back to school night!! YAY so fun

This is me on my third first day of first grade :)

My feet were not used to wearing high heels all day anymore!! So I kicked mine off as soon as my kiddies left! PHEW loooong day after a restful summer.

I absolutely love my new kids this year! They are a very CHATTY bunch  and I didn't get any grace period where they are too scared to talk... it'll get really crazy around the HOlidays I'm sure, but I love them already!

On the second day of school, the kids were sharing these little people that they had made at home.  One of the girls had googlie eyes on hers and one of her eyes fell off!! When it fell off one of my little boys yelled, "hey! It looks like a one-eyed creep!" haha oh boy....

I have like 4 adorable blonde haired tan skinned little boys.  It took me my first 3 days to be able to tell them apart when they weren't sitting at their desks!!

So far, I've had 2 kids eat their whole lunch at our morning snack time, and then not have anything to eat during lunch time!! I have to monitor what they bring outside now to make sure they won't starve later!

I'm really excited for this year and think it will be a million times smoother than last year!! Thursdays are my favorite days because we pack up at 1:45 to go home and then they have specials for the last hour!! Blessed quiet while I get stuff done!

OOO and Woody has also started school :) He says this year will be tough because he's in all of his upper division science classes so it sounds like he'll be studying a lot!! HE is also working for his cousin Zach right now and we are loving life!

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