Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good and bad habits.. According to 6 year olds

In class recently we learned about good and bad habits. I had the munchkins make a book about good and bad habits. Some of their titles were pretty clever like: "the good and the bad" haha. But mostly it was their habits that were hilarious.  Here are some of the funny ones:

Good habits - these were not as funny but here were the frequent ones
- sliding down the slide
- watering flowers
- swimming
- gymnastics
- sharing
- playing with friends

Bad habits
- stomping on flowers
- throwing rocks at people's car
- hiding from my mom (hahaha how often does this occur I wonder?)
- not playing with friends
- pushing someone down a big hill
And my favorite.... Being naked :)

Hahahaha I seriously giggled at every book. I just love working with 6 year olds

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