Thursday, September 6, 2012

I love my kiddos!!

I had a fantastic day at school, abnormally fantastic!!

One of my little kids disappeared in the morning to look for the backpack, and 5 seconds later another teacher brought it to me. So.. I went off in search of him, when I finally locate him wandering the halls (not surprised) I came back to a QUIET classroom.  All of my little darlings (yes, I call them this at school) were working on their morning work quietly... cue heavenly bells

After we did our morning routine we did some handwriting.  Before we do our handwriting practice we sing a handwriting song where we write the letters in the air and dance around (my favorite part!) (now that I'm thinking about it... the song is playing in my head) SO during the free dance time I saw 2 of my boys not dancing!!!... LAME so I told them they had 10 seconds to get dancing or pay me a penny... they both looked at each other like they were too cool for school.. so they paid me pennies :)

Centers was also QUIET... I'm loving centers this year, wonderful, wonderful.

During math.. we were taking a test and I had a little girl peek over at another boy's paper to which he IMMEDIATELY held up his fist and in his most threatening voice said, "don't you look at my paper".  Haha when I talked to him about it he said.. "well, we aren't allowed to do that during  tests"  hm... ok ya true...

Anyway they are adorable and I am grateful for days like today where even though I have my normal crazy moments.. I just love them

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