Saturday, August 4, 2012


Woody and I have found some new HOBBIES.  We have night time hobbies and day time hobbies.. don't worry they are all appropriate

Our NiGhT LiFe..

Woody and I have a new found love for Star Trek!!! We are watching the first season ever and are constantly giggling! We laugh at their special effects, their fighting scenes, and the humorous jokes made at Spoc's expense due to his lack of emotion 

Last night's episode had a funny:
Kirk: "what are the odds that we get out of here alive?"
Spoc: "well.. to be precise: 7,523.7 to 1"
Kirk: "7,523.. that's precise"
Spoc: "No, 7,523.7"

OH Spoc.. you're such a computer

Something surprising.. William Shatner was a good looking dude when he was younger... what a stud


Woody and I have become workout buddies.. YIPPEE it's a whole lot easier to work out when you have someone who works out with you..

These are our tread mills.. We run side by side SO CUTE.

Because of our new found Star Trek love... we run on STAR TRAC machines.. yeah we're cool

We invested in some protein powder to help ourselves be muscular maniacs... 
While changing our sheets Woody RIPPED THEM
I think Woody has taken too much protein powder.  He doesn't know his strength anymore!

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