Friday, August 3, 2012

Metal Detecting

Woody has a friend, Ben Borup, who goes metal detecting and tells Woody about it all the time! So one day he took Woody with him.  Ben is pretty legit with his metal detecting and has lots of fancy toys... tools

This little stick you push into the dirt and it beeps when it's above the metal so you know exactly where to dig

Woody digging for treasure

This is Ben digging for treasure... his wife was actually my instructor for numerous college classes


Woody let me take a try... that thing was SO HEAVY

Beautiful blue sky... notice Ben on the bottom 

 walking around listening for the beeps

While we were there we had the Police called on us!! haha apparently some girl was worried about us digging up BYU campus.  The police man was pretty nice though and we just chit chatted for a bit and he told us to call it a night.. phew! good thing we got a nice guy!

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